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Cameron Accused Of Not Doing Enough.

Updated on December 28, 2015
City Of York:  One Of The Areas Hit By Floods.
City Of York: One Of The Areas Hit By Floods. | Source
David Cameron At The Dispatch Box In Parliament.
David Cameron At The Dispatch Box In Parliament. | Source

Wheres Noah When You Need Him?

In what has been an unprecedented deluge of rain in the north of England that seemingly has not stopped this winter parts of the north of England Cumbria, Yorkshire and Lancashire have had floods upon a Biblical scale.

With properties flooded and destroyed and people made homeless with some even refusing to leave their properties until persuaded by local police or fire service.

It is obvious that insurance claims for damage by the torrents some caused by rivers bursting their banks like the river Ribble in Lancashire will go through the roof. Some residents have been through it all once before with newscasts showing grieving residents not believing their eyes that their properties or businesses have been ruined by the torrential rain and floods once again.

David Cameron who has already drafted in troops and allocated money for the disaster hit areas has been accused of a southern English bias and northern newspapers like the Yorkshire Evening Post have run stories saying the flooding the north has endured would have been out of the question in the south.

State of the art technology apparently prevents such happenings and the paper went on to say that if such technology was put in place in the north of England such floods would have been avoided.

For his part David Cameron is expected to visit the areas in the north of England and will be putting a further 1000 troops on standby to help.

When all said and done though the north and south of England have always had animosity towards one another and this latest development will not help.


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