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Cameron's Aunt And Mum Come Out Against Him.

Updated on February 12, 2016
Cameron Who Has Presided Over Cuts During His Tenure In 10 Downing Street.
Cameron Who Has Presided Over Cuts During His Tenure In 10 Downing Street. | Source
Mother And Child Who Depend On Children's Centres.
Mother And Child Who Depend On Children's Centres. | Source
Children's Centre Like The Ones Being Closed In Cameron's Backyard.
Children's Centre Like The Ones Being Closed In Cameron's Backyard. | Source

A Tiff In The Family One Wonders ?.

David Cameron has self styled himself a family man with his children and his wife at his side Sam Cameron yet Cameron has presided over a period of austerity in the UK that has hit ordinary people hard with his cutbacks to public services.

I am the first to admit that perhaps these severe cutbacks to benefits and services that are needed by the ordinary people of the UK are probably not completely the Conservative parties fault. Labour when they left office in 2010 left a note for the incoming Cameron administration saying there was no money left at the Treasury. So this government along with its Lib - Dem cohorts who it was in government with at the time decided that the only way to bring down the defecit was to go on a campaign of austerity which to my mind has been gone about the wrong way hitting the very people the government claimed and still claims to be on the side of.

To me as Nigel Farage of UKIP has suggested umteen times the cuts should be made to overseas aid budget where we are giving basket case Africa money which never seems to really help itself out of poverty and to India where yes there are terrible levels of poverty but at the same time India is now a very rich and upcoming military and economic powerhouse with a nuclear weapon capability.

Maybe too Jeremy Corbyn has a point about scrapping the UK's nuclear defence missile system Trident and ploughing back the thousands it takes to keep that on line into the creation of jobs, putting it in welfare and public services things that ordinary people depend on but then there is the argument why should the UK depend mostly on the US for protection when we can look after ourselves as the UK has done as a world power over the years, a diminished world power granted but we are still I believe able to punch above our weight militarily across the globe.

But going back to the Tory cuts it was announced on the media that David Cameron's mum a retired magistrate of 81 had come out against the cuts her son's government is doing when she signed a petition to stop the closure of 44 children's centres and even Cameron's aunt got in on the act saying these closures and the cuts in general were just plain wrong.

David Cameron's official spokesman has declined to talk about whether David Cameron has spoken about the cuts that Oxford County Council is making to his mum or aunt but a while ago apparently David Cameron who represents the Witney constitunency in Oxfordshire wrote to the Conservative controlled council in Oxfordshire demanding that theatres, libraries and art galleries used by ordinary people should not be closed.

But the upshot of it was that the leader of the council wrote back saying the cuts were happening because the government was cutting the money it was allowing councils to save money hence the closure of these places.

The 44 children's centres closing will be replaced by 8 children's centres for those apparently really in need and only then on referral.

Council workers in Oxfordshire will be going on strike to highlight the closure of the children's centres and other public places and services and the UNITE union which represents many of these workers has called David Cameron two faced.

It seems UNITE may have a point David Cameron has promised much and delivered nothing which seems to be a factor in his tenure as Prime Minister, the man of broken promises.


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    • Nick Bishop profile image

      Nick Bishop 2 years ago from Blackpool


    • Kimberleyclarke profile image

      Kimberley Clarke 2 years ago from England

      Cameron is a very naughty boy! In all seriousness, though, well done to his Mum and Aunt.