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Campbell VS Farrow: Duel between Two SAINTS or SINNERS

Updated on August 22, 2010

This much I know of Charles Taylor…. Made his first major millions by blocking a shipment of millions of dollars been laundered out of Nigeria by *** and he was thrown out of his office for not sharing; Went to Libya and for the exchange of a couple of dollars, he was went thought in the art of Guerilla Warfare; Returned to Liberia and led his first civil war as a rebel against then president Samuel Doe; Nigeria, cause of the agreement signed in ECOMOG led troops into the country to help maintain peace in the country. Ten of thousands of Nigerian soldiers died there and hundreds of thousands of Liberian people also lost their lives. At last Samuel Doe was executed and Charles Taylor became president after an election in1997 (Really don’t care about Samuel Doe; he may not have been worse but he was as bad as he could get). Got involved in Sierra Leone civil war for the blood diamond rush and benefitted handsomely. His own countrymen got tired of his ruling, thus the birth of another civil war. Nigeria, under the leadership of President OBJ ordered Nigerian soldiers (for his pride and glory) yet again to make in the war torn nation. He left on exile to Nigeria and was given an estate in Calabar. Pressure on Nigerian government by foreign government and organizations led to the setup of Taylor to justify the handing over to face war crimes (not saying that the b**t**d didn’t get what he deserved).

What I don’t get is that Saddam Hussein was also arrested and stood trials for war crimes in 2005 approximately a year later he was sentenced and hanged. What I don’t get is then why Charles case is taking so long. The entire world that knows a bit knows that he was the cause of death of both so many from Sierra Leone for wealth and power, just like Saddam, and yet he still gets the chance to look good on camera for four good years and many more to come.

I’m not saying they should execute him and get it over with. I’m just saying that the country and world have moved on since his activities, why then do they drag the trial? For four years they have been arguing on whether he did or didn’t do what the whole world knows he did and the way things are going, the arguments may go many more years. I say we have moved on. He should be judged and let everything be felt behind us.


Since 2006 till date, Charles has been facing war crimes trials. Four years in court and the world is finding it hard to find a world known sinner guilty for his sins. Now two huge celebrities have been brought into the court circus to help and more spotlights to the four years court drama and they are doing a great job at it. Naomi Campbell former supermodel is called to the stand and after swearing oath, she claims she cannot remember what happened in a charity dinner hosted by Nelson Mandela. Mia Farrow helped jogged her memory by also swearing oath and reminding her that she bragged that Charles gave her a huge uncut diamond. Mia presence court has also caused another swam of media spotlight. Two world stars; one made a villain for flirting with a warlord and collecting a bloody gift; the other trying to be a hero by doing the right thing by saying she heard they did it. Best law series ever. Doubt if their rating have ever dropped. The judge show always which celebrity we should expect on the next sitting.


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