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Can Hazarewal compromise on Hazara Province????????

Updated on May 9, 2010

Many people from different parts of country especially people from NWFP frequently asked questions from last 2 week:

Is there any way to unite the province? Is there any way to satisfied Hazarewal and they stop demanding Hazara province? Can Hazarewal compromise on Hazara Province???????? Would Hazarewal be ready to accept on Hazara Pakhtoon Khawa?

So in this concern I interviewed many Hazarewal and being Hazarewal I was thinking on this issue for many days. I told you earlier in mine column that the grievances of Hazarewals, are only not over the name Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. The renaming of NWFP merely triggered expression of their frustration against the treatment meted out to them. The name issue is just a symptom, the root lies elsewhere.  

While interviewing the Hazarewal majority of them said never ever. But some of them told, they can think to live with them (attock par). If, they (ANP), present a new bill in parliament and parliament approved this bill.

In this bill, First of all rename Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa to Abaseen or Afghania or Frontier. If it is not possible then Hazara Pakhtoon khawa as a last option. Then there should be a surety to us (Hazarewal) that the jobs quota from NWFP to Hazarewal will be 40% compulsory. Similarly, in educational institutions 40% of the seats must be reserved for Hazarewal.40% of whole Budget of NWFP is for development of Hazara. And at least one the major seat whether it is Speaker Ship or Chief Minister Ship or Governor Ship of the Province, in every formation of Government must be given to a person belong from Hazara. And 40% representation in Cabinet is also must.

If they are ready to give us then we people think about to live with them (attock par). Other wise there is no chance to live with them. When I asked them why these conditions are? They told me that they are more then 40% of population of province and generating more then 85% of revenue of Province. But we people had been depriving for last 50 years. And our movement for separate province is from 60s.But now enough is enough.We can take our rights. And we have learnt that Right can not be given; it has to be taken. When the people saying this I felt a different type of zeal in them.

So I think that those who want to unite the province they must accept their demands other wise no one can stop Hazara Province. If people of attock par change their attitude towards Hazara and treat them on equality and behave like brother and accept their demands written above, I think province will be united other wise…………………..

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    • profile image

      lala azeem 6 years ago

      my dear friends assalam o alaikum i m hazarewal butt listennnnn hazara province need hazarewal that is why hazara is papularity gooodddddddd just i think sooo pukntun hazara sameee this is not deference if u dont mind hazara punkhoot bhaii bhaii ye bch me laraii kis ne karaii t c ALLAH PAK KARAM KAREE.

    • profile image

      taimur shah 7 years ago

      dear brother you have wrote a nice column but a little thing i want to correct according to my mind that why we take 40% of the budget we hazarewals are more than pakhtuns all the resources and factories are in our areas so we need minimum 50% budget and as you write that if they want to unite us then we will accept pakhtoonkhawa but snake cannot be sincere with you even you give them feed daily and the third thing is that we hazarewalls have our own identity why we accept pakhtoonkhawa to erase our identity thanks and that was only my views my dear

    • profile image

      ubaid ur rehman 7 years ago

      we not get our rights so we want hzara to get our rights and beterly help our country among more oppertunities [aik he nara[{suba hzara}

    • profile image

      tiger 7 years ago

      dear khan

      we r not against pakhtoons so don't abuse them but we are against ANP and attock par.

    • profile image

      S Khan 8 years ago

      Pashtoon history is selling their own daughters,selling drugs and weapons,beheading own army.

      Hazara was jointed to nwfp in 1901 so its not your par anyway.

      big no to Naswarkhah.

      We can not live with those who killed our brothers.

      Hazara Province

    • profile image

      Raheel 8 years ago

      Those who are saying that Pakhtun has history. They should do some positive work in present and in future rahter reminding their history only. If you will keep thinking like this you will be the flopp. 2nd we are not compairing Pakhtoons with any one else because we in Hazara also have great Pakhtoons with us. Hazara is not the name of an ethnicity. Here lot of people form different cast and religions live happily and they dont want to become a part of any RACIST foundation

    • profile image

      Adeel 8 years ago

      Dear ayaz i am not sure about 85% of resurces. But very clear to all that we have indus and many of its tributary. We have tarbella, We have fertile land for differetn kind of vegetable and fruits and we have scenric and touristic place where hundereds and thousands of tourist visit every year. We have tea gardens renown in the whole world. We have best qulaity tobacco. And most of all and please mind it it is most of all. We have attitude of development again said ATTITUDE OF DEVELOPMENT. Because we are visionary people who dont look in racism but look beyond the boundaries. We have literacy rate higher in NWFP. There is lot to say.

    • profile image

      ADEEL 8 years ago

      What we know is that we different ethnicities residing in region of Hazara so peacefully that we are examplry. We would like to continue living in this style rather promoting racism

    • profile image

      fayez 8 years ago

      Hazara is guzara.

      luk we pashtoon have a rich history. what is hazaraz history , nothing. n LMAO at 85% revenue is generated by hazara, brother wake up. okay tell me how come hazara contribut 85%, tell me figures.

    • profile image

      ayaz 8 years ago

      what is Pakhtun Kha ?

      it is a name of discrimination on the basis of language. but we will not accecpt this discrimination on basis of languge. some body read before that name of province should be on land mark its a great option. but now we have lost this option.and only have one option Soba Hazara nothing else. because pakhtun got their identity and we lost our identity. we need our identity. which is soba hazara

    • profile image

      JAMAL KHAN TANOLI  8 years ago

      HEY WE WANT SUBA HAZARA ,,BCOZ WE ARE Nation So please we only want province Harazara not other option........

      Aik hE Naraa Suba Hazara

      My Name is Hazar I am Not A Pakhtoon Khwaa { khaw mukhwa }

    • profile image

      naima bashir 8 years ago

      assalam u alaikum. i just read ur column. well first of all i am surprised to see that why did the government even accept this name which clearly favours one single comunity of the province,punjabi's are called pujabees because of the province and the province is called this because of of the five rivers and the same thing is with sind too. the anp people are clearly saying that we got our "pehchan" does that mean that we lost it? its not the old times any more that u named the province and no body speeks out. well if they farly wanted to name it they could have named it according to any land mark, our province is full of land marks. i dont even agree with afgania. why afgania this means that the afganees living in our country the province belongs to them. it is very clear that anp and the govt wanted a conflict in our peaceful hazara thats why they started this. i have studied with pakhtoons i know very well about the feeling and behaviour against any one who cannot apeek in pashto or is not a pakhtoon.

    • profile image

      Malik Abdil Rahman Jami 8 years ago

      This is a rime to talk about unity within Hazrawal. Let them try their tricks. No need to talk about unity.We simply do not believe ANP. they are against Hazarawal this is not a new issue what we believe is that they want to disintegrate Pakistan. Rhar we will not let them do.because this province is part of Pakistan due to the sacrifices of our elders. They claim that raja dahar was their elder and we say mihammad bin qasim was our leader.So this is the difference

    • profile image

      engr.saqib hussain 8 years ago

      Sorry brother we are very different from paktoons of Attack Par.....n they never give you what you want............ so dear forget the unity with them....... i know them from very near.............. so please we only want province Harazara not other option........


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