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Can Nuclear Weapons be Permanently Disabled without Negative Repercussions?

Updated on February 19, 2015

The End of the World


The Nuclear Weapon Threat

Nuclear weapons have been a threat to the existence of mankind since World War II. The devastation caused by these monsters to mankind was witnessed by the world at that time. The extents of devastation was also depicted in the 1980's television film "The Day After." Other films to reference would be "War Games" and "Planet of the Apes."

It is possible that nuclear war that can literally end the world as we know it. Nuclear War can begin by accident...a computer glitch that could be irreversible. Do not think that these weapons never existed before. There is evidence on this earth that there was indeed nuclear war in ancient history. Recovery was mythologicalized.

There are so many good people on this earth now, along with the Governmental systems and operations that can see a united people into the future. Why must these weapons still exist? One must understand the theories involved to know that to dismantle these weapons safely could be a trick. Man must pray together for God's assistance as we create an environment for peace on earth.

The Sound Theory

"Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" This is called an enigma. If one can believe the simplicity of the solution and realize the secrets of the Universe from "The Big Bang" to the miracle of birth, it is simply "The Eardrum."

Combining Einstein's theory of Relativity, Atomic Theory, The Markov Chain, Hawking's Theory about Time and Tierney's "Sound of Death" masterpieces, it is now knowledge that nuclear weapons can be safely dismantled. Will the WORLD join in a petition for Peace that will see these disastrous monsters removed forever from these Holy grounds - along with a will to never see them again?

The alternative could prove the end of everything, even by ACCIDENT. This is a chance all human kind should not want to gamble on. Can the necessary authorities of World Government come to final agreement that nuclear weapons pose too great a risk, even to be experimented with or played with. Even to exist. The theories involved were, yes, God inspired. But application was meant for use toward the benefit of mankind, not mankind's ultimate destruction.

If enough citizens and human beings on this planet combine together in a mass petition, the World Governments will HAVE NO CHOICE but to gather the world's masterminds and embark on this project. Of course, members of Governments are welcome to vote as well - they are human beings FIRST.

Please know that God does not want to witness mankind killing himself or others en masse. This is totally in contradiction to His Holy Plan [ref: The Holy Bible]. He would be on the side of mankind as they effort to dismantle these "experiments."

Let us join together and beckon all Governments to participate in this important action. With God's help, the world can be relieved of its ultimate fear and children, and children's children and even current generations can concentrate on living and growing on this beautiful planet that God gave us for our travels through space. It is all too magnificent to destroy in an instant because of just "experiments."

Pass this word and vote your support below.

Nuclear Weapon Ban Poll

Yay or Nay - WORLD PEACE (no nuclear weapons)

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