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Can The Corruption be Eradicated From Our Country?

Updated on January 27, 2014

Rules Everyone Should Follow

1 My aim is to serve the people of my nation.

2 Money is a name of god so take it with honesty.

3 Politics is not a business at any cost.

4 Money should not be the first want.

5 The government should apply the rules against corruption time to time.

6 Everyone should follow the rules.

7 Fist of all I would apply all rule on my self.

Anti Corruption Road Map


Can The Corruption be Eradicated From Our Country?


Today no one is escaped from corruption.In the rush of people is has become very difficult to find a single non corrupt and honest man. Basic reason is this that whenever an honest man came in contact with this corrupt system either he/she become corrupt or lose his power. Honest people are being corrupt, like salt particles desolve in water. Now it seems like, corruption has become a necessary way of life.

It is very sameful that,after 65 years of independence, people are unable to eradicate the corruption from our society. Even it is affecting our life more and more. It has inserted in politics,education,medical,defecne and in judicial system etc.

In India, politics,bureaucratic,corporate and individual corruption are major concerns. Facts tell that 60% people in india become successful to get job after giving bribes. The transparency International India, in a recent survey, found that 74% Indians believes that the level of corruption has gone up in last three years.

Facts tell that more than one out of three paid bribes to get a Government job in India.Today has become a source to earn more and more money at low risk. Our country which was known for its truth in past, has become corrupted now. Its spirit become dirty now.


Rules Government Should Make to Eradicate Corruption

1 Govt. should announce a big amount to the person who will catch the bribe giver.

2 A bribe giver should be debarred from the system.

3 There should be highly strict rules for the rapists.

4 A political leader should be highly qualified.

5 Strict rules should be for the voting department.

6 Justice should be cheap and easy. It should be provided quickly.

7 There should be anti corruption helpline.

8 promote cheap education because the bet way to break corruption is education.

Causes And Eradication of Corruption


Corruption is increasing day by day. Its graph is going up The delay in taking action about anti corruption is the main and fundamental cause of corruption. Most of the corrupt people are caught by the police but they paid bribe to the police and become free. Sometimes due to the delay in judicial a criminal can't get proper punishment.

Most of the political leaders use their power in wrong way. Actually these politicians do crime instead of removing it.Politicians spent huge money during the elections and purchase the public votes. After the election they try to earn more and more to fulfill their expensive. They forget their rights.

One most important reason of corruption is inflation and lower pay scales. How people can survive with these low pay scales in this modern inflationary age.

Some other reasons are the change in thinking of people, change in moral and ethical values of the people. People just want to earn money, doesn't matter how and why.


Corruption is a global problem,most of the countries are trying to solve it but it seem eradication of corruption is the great puzzle. Actually we all know correctly, how it can be eradicated? Nothing is impossible in this world. But we are not starting our self. We just want.

It is like a sweet poison. People know that it it is harmful but they test it and become corrupted.When a political leader join the politics he says that I will serve my country honestly but slowly-slowly he become corrupted. Instead if he think about its eradication he would be successful to eradicate.

If we will talk about the common men, they want to get their work very soon and so, they paid bribes. If they decide to get their work without bribe and without considering the time the will get success certainly.

People came forward to fight with corruption. They should make anti corruption groups in the society. And they should rise their voice against corruption together.

Government should make some rules about the eradication of corruption. Their should be a reward facility for the person who will catch a corrupt people with evident. Their should be some hard and fast rules about the corruption.

The justice should be low. Some people did not inform the police due to the expensive fees. So it will we very helpful to eradicate corruption from our county.

In the political system voters should understand the power and value of his vote. And he should vote to the right candidate only. There should not be any effect of caste and religion.Beside it political leader should also aquare the honesty. They should not use their power to escape a criminal. Their work should be in the favor of public, not their own.

People and society and Government should effort combine to eradicate the corruption because it is impossible to break a unity. If everyone will understand his rights and will use them honestly then, the day is not far when our society become corruption free society as we all imagine.

So finally it is seeming difficult to say clearly that,"Corruption Can be eradicated." But as we all know,we are those Indians who never admit defend. So if we all will work together and decide together to eradicate then corruption can be ruined and it will never return to our country.

People like Anna are coming forward to fight with corruption, we should support them and stand with them against corruption. We should serve other people like Anna. Because of his courage so many people will come forward and will fight with corruption and will defend it.

India Against Corruption


Anti Corruption Helpline

India Against Corruption

Led by Anna Hazare, IAC is a movement by the citizens of India to curb corruption and create a just society.

India Against Corruption (IAC) is a citizen's movement to stop corruption by creating a strong Jan Lokpal institution.

Detailed analysis of the government's draft seems to indicate that it may actually increase corruption instead of controlling corruption. Further those citizens who are the victims of corruption and who protest or complain against specific cases of corruption are likely to get very little support from the system, be harassed or even jailed. The draft bill was called a 'hoax' by Anna Hazare and many people refer to it as a 'jokepal'.

Each of us has to keep our differences from others aside and work tirelessly towards our common goal of a corruption free India that all of us and the future generations will be proud of!

Can The Corruption be Eradicated From Our Country?

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    • SatendraSaini profile image

      Satendra Saini 3 years ago from India

      Thanks vaishnavi for going through this hub and leaving your valuable comment. Actually corruption, at every stage affect the socialism. It is mainly the not solving issue. But we, not we I can say it about me,and I am trying my best to reduce this evil from my society.

    • profile image

      vaishnavi 3 years ago

      corruption is an anti social activity