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"Can We All Get Along?"

Updated on January 15, 2016

It is not uncommon for people to feel that on occasion, hatred drives the workings of, and even stalls, our government. That when the GOP disagrees with President Obama they hate him and that the when the Democrats disagree with the GOP, they hate them. They differ in opinion, yes, but hate? No. There is a disagreement on policy issues on procedure issues and some disagreements are strong. But strong disagreement is strong disagreement; not HATE.

I know that when George Bush was in power, that the Democratic Party, disagreed fervrently with his policies. But I doubt that in their heart of hearts that theirs was real hatred towards him, either. Strong disagreement, but hate?

After all, when you disagree with your Mom, your wife, your friend, whomever, is that a statement of hate? No, it's disagreement. Why should it (why would it?) be any different with a President? Hate is a very strong word, a very strong emotion, to ascribe to a disagreement, however harsh.

That is a frame of mind I've never been able to wrap my head around, but it appears that the tone of amelioration isn't going to come from Washington DC, anytime soon. Given that, Is there some reason, that this tone can't come from us; from people we know and can influence?

No, I really don't feel that disagreement, even strong and harsh, can and should be construed as HATE. It is healthy discourse and discussion. But this country needs a ton of warm fuzzies, not the cold pricklies that I see all across the internet, read and when I watch the news.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to say that "I was a part of that wonderful group on HubPages which came together and tried to solve problems instead of arguing them, further dividing this country? That I, with other people attempted to solve a huge problem instead of making it worse?

In the words of Rodney King, "Can we all get along?" After all, can any possible good can come from arguing? Discussing, yes. Arguing? No. Arguing tends to bring out the worst in people unless there is a moderator to channel the disagreement. Personally, I prefer Rodney King's approach.

Again, we need some big kids on the block. Will you join me? I don't see that people inside the beltway, with a few exceptions (on 'either side of the aisle') are inclined to do that, any time soon. Is there any reason at all, that writers on HubPages can't be the big kids on the block, the grown ups and, play in the same sandbox; discussing how we can all get along? How we can find common ground? I dare all of us to try and maybe that can be a resolution for 2016 that we can keep.


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