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Can we stop Hillary Clinton

Updated on August 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton


Stop Hillary

Do you think Hillary will ever be indicted?

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Her lies exposed

Main Stream Media hacks will not give the general public the facts on Hillary Clinton.

Fact is she has lied over and over again. Beginning in mid 70's on the rape case she was defending a child rapist. Was caught on tape laughing and told the jury this young 12 year old girl asked for it, she wanted an older man. Really, Hillary!

What about Water Gate? The women her husband abused/assaulted? The real estate deals? Emails? Benghazi? Clinton Foundation? Her lying to the public? Her head injury? The DNC?

scandal after scandal runs with the Clintons and they think they are above the law which seems to ring true with our leaders. She and this Administration is the most corrupt ever in our country's history. If we don't get back on track, folks, we are lost and will have no America.

She isn't an elected official at the moment and my question is......Can we the people stop her? Is there not an attorney that will help WE the people to finally put her behind bars where she belongs before another death follows her?

All these are fact and need to be researched by you if you are one of the Democrats that say she is God and needs to be our next President. This woman is dangerous She has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood/Sisterhood to Iran, to Russia to Saudi Arabia and she refuses to turn over all her speeches given to Wall Street after them giving her millions to speak. She says she is against the big banks, but the big banks are her biggest donors. Really?!

More and more facts come out everyday on this corrupt individual and I hope you join me and trying to stop her before it's too late. She deserves prison.



Hillary caught lying

Hillary lying

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