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Can you Think it? That is the Question

Updated on November 17, 2011

Can you Think It? THAT'S the Question

        In the century of mind-control as the modus operandi of our society, the most important question is:  "Can you think it?".  Doing it can be even more difficult, but ways exist to push through this synthetic, mandated reality into one of free-will. 

         It isn't easy.  You have to actually PUSH with your mind.  This is an awesome experience!  You see the world through your own eyes again, not the tired, complacent mindset that has invaded our country like a hostile enemy.  If you don't, you just get deleted from your own head anyhow.........better fight for your right to "see" things as you see them.........NOT how somebody else sees them. 

      It's like being forced to wear a certain take on reality.  Whether it's good vs. evil, "aliens" or whatever you interpret it to be......but it must be resisted in order for your very soul to survive.  Yes, you can become so utterly passive that "they" can't get you......but every chance you get, come out of hiding and take a potshot at the "forced reality".  This regenerates your WILL, which you'll need to fight them off later when they "come for your head". 

      You have 2 choices:  submit and be reduced to such a sub-standard level of being and suffering that life will seem like a chore instead of a fulfilling trip.  Actually, you can take a drug-combo that restores a real view of life, it's just so slow and tedious.  At some point, you have to "raise your fist and shout at these "reality-pushers".  Of course, keep a sedative handy to terminate the experience.  That way, you didn't get beat. 

     I figure that eventually we'll all start practicing a little mental kung-fu.  When there get to be enough of us, our shouts will be too loud to ignore...........merely by INSISTING on a normal interpretation of reality.  Suddenly, "the powers that be" will have quite the handful.  I've been told that they really focus their attention on "leaders".  Well, we ALL need to think of ourselves as leaders.  You have a lot more power in the upper-hand position.  The argument of our foes is that all these changes will save the Earth from an inevitable population crisis.  I say what is the point if each of us is so utterly brainwashed and miserable.......screw it:  back to the drawing board for the "Invisibles".  Let's take the power back, one succesfull psychic argument at a time.  Everyone knows what everyone else is doing:  let's show them how to live like people, not Androids!


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      7 years ago

      Appears they are working in on/off modes like: blocking memories; on/off feelings about words, experiences; trying hypnotic sugestion; trying the use of backdoor premisses about values and much more that we did not know yet. They are on blind wish of total control of the world, using an invisible grid of control that is on for many years, filtering, gapping valuable information about the real state of things (and that is been working for them) plus many things like the unseen influence they have through frequencies in worldwide population and some kind of magic like science technology working to put patterns in their own wished word-er. They dream deep low and they will have it, The Spirit is with us! So... we are winners!


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