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Can You Imagine a Perfect World ?

Updated on August 4, 2017

Just what's going on down there?

better look after it.   It's all we've got until Captain Kirk can take us all to another galaxy.
better look after it. It's all we've got until Captain Kirk can take us all to another galaxy.

Can you imagine a perfect world ?

 Can you even begin to imagine what the world would be like if everyone was honest?   Well, for one thing, the Wiki-Leaks saga would never have come into being.   But seriously, what sort of world would we have if everyone could be trusted?   Even better, if no one bore malice or ill will?   In other words,  if the precepts of great masters, of whatever religion or belief were upheld?   If the “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”?

Armies, Navies and Air Forces would be out of work.

Armies, navies and air forces would be out of work. There’d be no defense budget and no need to waste billions of dollars on various systems, facilities and weapons which usually become outdated anyway. There would be no need for crime fighters. Police would still be needed, of course, but the emphasis would be on service not enforcement. A police ‘force’ would become a thing of the past. It would be a police ‘service.’

We live in a truly beautiful world. But you've got to actually notice it.

Look around you.  Be 'aware.'  You don't have to spend 99% of your time immersed in verbal thoughts and imaginings.
Look around you. Be 'aware.' You don't have to spend 99% of your time immersed in verbal thoughts and imaginings.

Imagine the resources freed up in a perfect world.

Imagine the resources freed up. No need for banks and strong rooms. The safe manufacturers would be out of a job. A man’s deeds would be as good as his word. No need for IOUs or pieces of paper held in vaults to show what one did and did not own. There would be so many people released from careers, vocations, jobs that are based, in the final analysis, on the fear of people not being honest and trustworthy, that we could probably all work a ten-hour, two day week and spend the rest of our time enjoying ourselves.

Crime films and televison programs would be as dead as a Dodo

Of course, crime films and televisions programs would be as dead as the famous Dodo. After a while people would not be able to comprehend their plots; they wouldn’t understand the motivation.   Certainly a lot of script writers would be out of work.

Do you take in a view like this, then promptly forget about it and go back to your usual worrying?

Would it not be heaven on earth?

Would it be a heaven on earth? Maybe not. There’d still be problems. But war, the threat of war, crime and the threat of being a victim of crime – these would be a thing of the past. No more would we hear those oh, so familiar words, “The country can’t afford it.” We’d make sure it could. With everything so ‘hunky-dory’ there would be little if any poverty. Stress-related illnesses would fall away. People would live long and rewarding lives...

Doing what?

The world is AS IT IS, not how we would like it to be - and probably for a reason.

Maybe if the world were as we would like it to be, rather than the way it is, there would be no further challenges. How would we find our own particular niche as we sought out that so often elusive reason for living: our particular purpose? Options would be narrow indeed.

We're all on a path to somewhere. Why not enjoy the journey?

Perfect world? Heaven on earth? ...maybe...

It seems that the best any of us can ever do is to change ourselves and, hopefully change – temporarily at least – a few, or maybe more than a few, of the people around us. Whatever is changed in this way invariably turns back into its former self. Perhaps that Higher Power made it that way to give purpose to our lives. Unfortunately, we mostly don’t seemed to be told what it is. But maybe that why we were born in the first place: to find out.

Can you imagine? Out of work? You could be...

Don’t worry, dear reader, if you happen to work in the armed forces, the police, as a prison warder, or debt collector – or even a bank official. The world might be a’ changing, but it’s doing so at a pretty slow rate.

Keep smiling...


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  • Tusitala Tom profile image

    Tom Ware 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Your answers sound awfully pessimistic, Loua3. "relish the fear," Can't say I agree with that. Immersement and identifying as being one's thoughts and emotions, this is the ego we're caught up in most of the time. So many of us think we are our thoughts and emotions. It takes both an 'open mind, and a 'willingness' by our real self (the willer, if I might put it that way) to make the decision to consider such questions as What am I? Who am I? Is there a reason for my life? et cetera. Once that decision is made, one's voluntary self-education seems to envitably lead to the long and often arduous path of Self Realization.

  • loua profile image

    loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet

    Interesting perception, albeit it is a common thread that runs through the people of earth; it is not an insurmountable obstacle, if one rids them self of the negative notions and biases that attracts the greed of the ego's trance...

    Presently humanity is entangled in its ego's hell amongst the dregs of its self loathing where its thought is powered by its exclusive selfish greed driven by the lack of astral consciousness, higher vibrations of the soul that will raise the physical body and the metaphysical mind to the astral-plane of existence, where the vibration of self seeks its perfection as energy, nature and spirit...

    Some seek the astral-plane by overcoming their ego; some only wish it to be and wait for someone to do it for them as they have been instructed by their ego; and some relish the fear because their ego's greed is so strong they believe there is no life other than their self loathing; but this heaven of the astral universe is accessible to humanity when it rids itself of its fear to be free from its ego...

  • Quirinus profile image

    Queirdkus Ω Ibidem 6 years ago from Sitting on the Rug

    Another delicious turn of synchronicity reading your post.

    I have previously posted a forum thread ( before I discovered I wanted to follow you and start reading on your posts!

    It just seems we're so of like minds that we're wanting of the same things, such as in John Lennon's: Imagine:

    "And the world will live as one"!

    May the Force be.

  • apodosky profile image

    apodosky 7 years ago from Brisbane, Australia

    Great Hub...especially the part about no defence budgets...more money for essential services. Thankyou for writing this piece.