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Canada Election 2015

Updated on August 5, 2015

fight of a lifetime

We in Canada are on the brink of either change for the better, change for the worse or status quo.
This election will be an election like non other. What we need is a revolution, we need to completely rebuild our government and how government runs this country and does business around the world.
We need a leader that will not bend to the will of other leaders/countries and not blindly follow them. We need someone who does not believe the lies another leader spews, but instead think for himself/herself.
An example is this; when Ukraine was looking to side with Europe, a part of the country wanted to separate and side with Russia because Russia was strong economically and militarily and its leader was one that can not be bullied. The US hated this because they knew that they could not control Russia but does control the EU.
Turmoil broke out in Ukraine and Russia was told they need to go into Ukraine and secure their assets. The US quickly jumped on this to slander Russia telling the world that Russia invaded, which it did not.
The US began to spread propaganda, saying they invaded, saying that Russian soldiers were fighting the Ukrainians (They were actually Ukrainians who are Pro-Russia) .
When Ukrainians were killed the US said Russians killed them which were all lies.
The Canadian PM and government blindly believed the lies and followed the US in all this, and we got dragged into a conflict and we sided with a regime that we should never have done or even considered.
The PM embarrassed the country when-during a meeting with The Russian president and leaders from other countries he told the Russian leader to get out of Ukraine, the Russian president merely said that they are not there. Which was the truth, they only went to ensure safety of their people and assets/ Which by the way, they were allowed to do by law/
Like I said, Canada needs competent leaders, leaders who are not US lapdogs or lapdogs of any country but instead will think for themselves and do what is right. Not spread lies, not invade countries or start wars based on selfish reasons , greed or lies.
We need leaders who will not behave like tyrants and dictators who rob Canadians of rights and freedoms. We need leaders who will fight for and protect this nation and bring back jobs that have been lost. We also need a leaders that will let Canada build its own military equipment for jobs, but also because of safety and security. We can not let another nation build our military equipment because when it comes to that, we can not trust anyone else and no other country can build what we need. Look at the F-35, it is garbage. Also, why are we selling our oil to the US to be refined and then we buy it back at a huge mark-up? That is nonsense.
So, yes, we need a leader who thinks and does what is best for Canada and Canadians. One that will not cower to the US or others and one that will not sell out to the US or others. We have massive amounts of various resources and we have the best scientists, engineers etc in the world. Let us keep them here and use them to make our country prosperous and strong.
Canada needs to go back to the basics from where it came and back to standing up for and fight for truth, morals, ethics and humanity.

Let this election be an election that will bring Canada back to its roots.

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