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Canada's traditions and customs

Updated on August 2, 2010

Canada rules

Immigration Canada its Traditions and Customs

Generally, there are areas in any country that have their own customs and traditions. Canada is not an exception. When you immigrate to Canada, expect to become part of their traditions, which could give you, new and exciting experiences. Their local traditions and customs, were brought into the country over centuries, by millions of immigrants. Many of them though, were already established by the indigenous peoples, before the immigrants arrived and many of them have survived into this modern age.

Most Ethnic groups in the different areas have their own established traditions and customs and being such a vast country, contributes to the difficult of determining those that are common throughout Canada as a whole. Your emigrating to Canada, will give you the opportunity to take part in a tradition that is shared with their neighbours, the USA. This is the celebration of Thanksgiving, which is held on the first Monday of October! This can be traced back to the early Settlers, who arrived in this fertile land and were so pleased with their harvest that they celebrated their good fortune!

As in other countries across the world, the celebration of Christmas is experienced in most Canadian homes. Some children however, do not open their presents until New Years Day. Different Provinces have their own celebratory time scale and manner in which to celebrate. For instance in Nova Scotia, the celebrations last for twelve days and a feature is the appearance of masked people called “Belsnicklers”. These characters make their way through the streets, ringing bells and demanding treats! If the recipient of their call identifies the “Belsnickers”, then they remove their costumes and distribute candy (sweets) to the children, if they claim to have been good during the past year!

In Quebec Province, celebrations finish on January 6th, with the “Party of the King”, known there as “Fete du Roi”. During this time, in various homes slices are cut from a cake and given to Family members. As they eat, they keep awareness for a bean that has been baked into the cake. The lucky one, who finds it, is crowned King or Queen for the day. In many parts of French Canada, a meat pie is served on Christmas Eve, called “Tourtiore”, which consists of pork, potatoes and onions. Vancouver gets their Christmas off to a good start, by preceding it with two weeks of carols, sung by children’s choirs, on ships in the harbour. The waterfront becomes festive for the occasion, being decorated and illuminated with great numbers of lights.

An annual event, which possibly in its own right may be called a Tradition, is the Calgary (Alberta) Stampede. This ten day rodeo combines an exhibition and festival and is held every July. The “Stampede’s” roots can be traced back to 1886 in which year, a fair was held by the Calgary and District Agricultural Society. The first rodeo was launched in 1912, but the second one, only took place in 1919. This was a Victory Stampede, organized to honour soldiers on their return from the First World War! Today, it is one of the richest rodeos in the world, offering over $2 million in prizes! When you have your Canada Visa, this will be an opportunity to look forward to visiting. Calgary adopts a party atmosphere, residents dress in their western gear and you can join in other events across the city, including Pancake Breakfasts and Barbecues!

As you can imagine, moving to Canada will give you some familiar events and settings and some spectacular new ones, all of which will add to the pleasure of your Canadian immigration!

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