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Cancer Patients' Condition: A Reflection

Updated on June 26, 2011

Sooner or Later…..

As I and my friend Lady Sander walk at the track field of Charlotte Amalie High School in St. Thomas, USVI, there are people busy preparing and some start walking for Relay For Life Activity. This activity is in support of people who have cancer and for cancer research. I started praying for each of them. I started saying “Bless the doctors and nurses and other medical people who are helping these cancer patients, bless their relatives, friends and family members who are always there and never get tired of extending their hand in any way to encourage them and bless the cancer patients themselves for hanging on until they become a cancer patient survivor or retired from this world and be in another world, with God”.

Every time I hear somebody says that she or he is a cancer patient, it looks like that it is the worst case or condition a person could ever be just because we know that cancer is not a cancer until it was detected as it is.

But, as I am praying for these cancer patients, instead of looking at that condition as a hopeless situation, I realized, although it is not the best situation for an ailing body, but indeed the best situation to be ready for what lies ahead.

When a person is diagnosed of having a cancer, we always see that sooner or later that cancer patient will die and leaves this earth.


Sooner or later….those two words mean a lot. Whether it is sooner or later, they know that the time starts now. They know that, whether will it be a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year or more than a year, that time frame starts now. Since they know that it starts now, they can also start to do things right. They can start making amends and make things right. They can start moving towards the goal they want to do at least in a month. They know that the last days of their lives start now. They can start calling everybody and say whatever they want to tell them. They can start giving out reminders and remembrances. They can start preparing their loved ones emotionally. But most of all, they can start preparing their souls to final destination.

Sooner or later… but they know that it is coming. And for me it is still a better condition that a person could be, simply because he/she knows his/her time frame and from that time frame, he/she could decide how to spend it in this world than be healthy today and met an accident and be dead tomorrow.

Three best things that to do to help people with cancer:

· PRAY for inner and physical strength of the patients and the people around them

· SUPPORT monetarily

· BE THERE to help in any way we can

For us, who are not in that condition, we should do our best to let them see and feel the best days of their lives while here on earth, because we don’t know whether it will be sooner or later.


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