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~Cannabis~ Billions in Profit Yet Illegal

Updated on May 17, 2017

2016 Tax Report from Colorado

Over $150 million in taxes collected from marijuana sales by the State of Colorado.
Over $150 million in taxes collected from marijuana sales by the State of Colorado. | Source

We Are A Country In Poverty

Here we are, the good old USA! For the people right? Then why are some of our people so blind? Ignorance would be my first guess. We have a health care system that fails us every year. We have unemployment rates that our higher than they should ever be. Our education system is down in the dumps, children are starving in our own country. Not to mention we have a drug war going on and Seattle is letting Heroin addicts know it's okay to shoot up because Seattle has safe injection houses where they can be monitored by a nurse so they do not overdose when shooting up. How many other economical issues do we have that we could sum together and fix? Too many and we could fix it tomorrow if we would just take that step and legalize cannabis.

Colorado brought in over $150 million in taxes in 2016. Washington alone has over a BILLION in sales. Bringing in over $200 million in taxes to their state. Oregon is at $54 million in taxes just for the 2016 fiscal year. That is just three states. If we had recreationally marijuana use legal for all 50 states I am 100% positive the US would be debt free and standing high. 50 states who brought it at minimum $45 million in taxes would be a total of $2.25 billion in total taxes for the United states just off from cannabis alone. You would have to think that number is certain to rise if it were legal. People who are in hiding buying off the streets would no longer hide. They would make their purchases legally at the store. I wouldn't be surprised if the amount paid into taxes tripled if not more.

Washington Sales and Tax Data on Marijuana

$200 Million in taxes from the sales of marijuana.
$200 Million in taxes from the sales of marijuana. | Source

Oregon YTD Tax Statistic


Where Would The Tax Money Go

After legalizing marijuana the US Government probably has no idea what to do with that amount of cash simply because they have not had to experience such a cash flow since the Gold Rush. I am here as part of the people of the forgotten public to enlighten them. First we would need to prioritize. We have a huge debt to pay off to whoever all over. Let's pay that off and get our independence back. Fix our educational system and bring back necessary educational programs such as, home economics, agriculture, technology, etc. Tuition free college is not a bad idea either. Take away grocery tax and do half tax on clothing. We would have more money for research on cancer and other terminals illnesses. It is hard not to think that there is a conspiracy going on when it comes to legal weed. What else is left to reason with when considering why this plant is not legal.

Legalize Cannabis so this doesn't happen anymore!
Legalize Cannabis so this doesn't happen anymore! | Source


Legalizing this miracle plant would not only bring in cash flow but think of the jobs. Think of the profits for advertisers and marketers. Think of all the new farms that would be started and all the employees hired to work the crops. Truck companies that would be paid to deliver this product in bulk. The stores who employ people to stock and supply the product. Jobs, jobs, jobs, would be everywhere.


Cannabis is the Answer

I know it seems crazy that cannabis could fix the majority of our economical issues. However, the only reason it is crazy is because it is illegal. It is still listed as an illegal substance. The only reason why is because of the ignorance of people. I always preach to educate yourselves on everything that you possibly can. Knowledge truly is power. Knowing the facts on the side effects of marijuana isn't really imperative. I mean you will probably get a little hungry.

Depending on what strain you would either get some energy or a little fatigue. Some dry mouth and maybe a slower reaction time. That is about it really. Some prescriptions could cause death. I think the green kind of wins here. I have never heard of or met someone who has ever overdosed on weed. I am veteran smoker of twenty years. I have however met some people that were okay with people who smoked marijuana even though they did not.

I am just speaking from the dried plant naturally grown perspective. I am not really familiar with the effects of the oils and edibles. Call me old school but even I question the modifications of anything natural.

"Coming Out Of The Closet" Would Help

I think the majority of cannabis users are in hiding. I think that if cannabis users stopped hiding and came out of the closet it would really start a movement. Remember back in the day when the Gay and Lesbian community came out? I praise their courage and I honor their accomplishments. They faced way more scrutiny than pot smokers would. Doctors, teachers, parents, etc all hide cannabis from everyone because it is illegal. The sad thing is, it does not have to be. I smoke weed all the time. I hide it from kids, friends and family. I work at a restaurant and serve at least sixty different people a day. For the majority of that time I am under the influence of marijuana. However, I manage to take a ten tops order, remember their drink order without writing it down. Serve them their food exactly as they ordered it, let out a few jokes, refill their drinks, pre-bus the table and collect that $30 tip after we say goodnight. Providing good service and working hard with out any issues high on weed. I promise you folks it can be done and it is. It is done everyday. Most people just hide it.


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