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Cannabis n Alcohol

Updated on April 14, 2012

Why Alcohol is legal and Cannabis is NOT

Ok, so this is a story about a god fearing very adult male. I have a hard time on hub because most of my issues/articles are about me, our universe and topics that dont impress most people. So here I am again writing. Weed, Pot, Dope.... All the sterotypes. Alcohol, the 3 Martini lunch, men beating there wives etc etc etc.... Here is the other story.

yes its about me, yes this is hard to write.

I grew up in a typical house hold. Dad worked, mom stayed home. I lacked nothing growing up, and yet, I have other issues. Depression, high blood pressure, isloation, divorce, blah blah blah. Where did everything go wrong?

The first time I figured out I was self medicating with alcohol was about 25 years ago. Every time i hurt myself working on welding or tree trimming i would reach for a beer. A few years later I was reaching for a beer when my ex was gone at night and a few years after reaching for more than a few when divorce happened and I was, I WAS, taking care of the kids cuz my ex bailed on us all. I quit alcohol. The kids used to say the prosac, zoloft, welbutrin, etc were my happy pills. They were just a replacement for the alcohol that helped me hold things together. Jezz I completely understand what single moms go though. Well, if any of you have been on SSRI than you know it only helps for awhile.

I went back to alcohol. It dampened the edge and also began to erase the edges. I dont know if getting older erases the memories or if alcohol does, but what ever it was, it worked. UNTIL, until i found myself in a bottle every day. Fifth of anything, easy to down in a day and easier to forget. Cheap stuff is only 6 bucks a fifth. Almost as cheap as the trazadone and ambien I was taking to sleep and easier to get. How did it get here? What happend to me? I am in tears as I write this.

I attended my dad while he was dying of emphasima. I took my mom into my house and cared for her while she passed from stage 4 breast cancer. At the same time I raised my kids and they are now in college. What happened? Coping is a weird thing. Every ounce you give to someone else is an ounce that you dont have for yourself. When life comes down to survival, its that clear and simple.

OK, so whats the point of this article. The point is that I chose to change. Got rid of the trazadone, ambien, zoloft, blah blah blah. I only take my blood pressure meds and, And ,AND I use Cannabis.

What have i discovered? That there is a real reason that Cannabis is illegal. I am only at week 4 on this adventure but I can tell you three things. First - as soon as I started using Cannabis I quit a fifth of alcohol a day habbit, I am not so depressed on a daily basis that I only sleep, and that I feel ok enough the next day to function.

THIS is why Cannabis is illegal. People that use Cannabis are not using Alcohol. The first President of our Nation started the Whisky Tax. Alcohol has been a part of our economy since it started. Losing that revenue (and the special interest groups that cling to the profit) would be a major hit to the economy. Frankly, it already is. I am not and advocate for legalization, I am just an advocate for reason. At a minimum we should consider Cannabis as a treatment for Alcolohism.

I will refine with references and pic, but want to get this out there NOW


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