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“Capitalism” by God’s Design

Updated on June 11, 2014

“The ideology of capitalism makes us all into connoisseurs of liberty -- of the indefinite expansion of possibility.” - Susan Sontag (1933-2004) American author.

There have been systems designed by man in an attempt to run this world, the likes of communism, socialism, capitalism, democracy etc., if you study them you will find good and bad in each of them and I am not here to point those out because there are many articles doing the rounds on that already. The purpose of this article is to articulate the original design God as a creator had in mind and used to create all and everything you see with your eyes today. “Capitalism” in the context of this article is not referring to an economic system known to the world but as a principle employed by God as the Creator and in his creation.

A brief background of the words “capital,” “capitalist,” and “capitalism”

The system employed by God is always a kingdom system because he is king. The citizens obey the word of a king as law; there is no debate or special vote of congress or any group. The king takes care of his citizens as long as they are in line with his law. The citizens are given resources and means (capital) to expand or take care of the kingdom of the king. The background of the word “capital” is said to date back to 1848 in the Communist Manifest by Marx and Engels. It has roots in the trade and ownership of animals. The Latin root of the word is “capitalis,” from the proto-Indo-European Kaput, which means “head,” this being how wealth was measured. The more heads of cattle, the better.

“Kapitalismus,” the German word for “capitalism,” was first used by novelist Thackeray in 1854, which meant ownership of a large amount of capital. (Source: As you can see, capital (n) refers to the wealth, the resources one has, a capitalist (n) is a private owner of capital and capitalism (n) refers to the state of having capital or property; possession of capital.

Survival of the fittest: Capitalism painted black
Survival of the fittest: Capitalism painted black

Capitalism seen as taboo

Here the focus will be on the nature and essence of God as a capitalist. (I can imagine what’s going on in your mind after reading that line, God a capitalist? Is that so? You must be joking!). I cannot blame those who doubt or shut it flat out because the world has portrayed capitalism as something disastrous. The principle of capitalism whether as an economic system or not is divine and it was God who created it (I am going to show it here) but the application of it thereof has been flawed by man.

“Capitalism has turned into a dirty word” was a statement by a passionate champion of economic freedom, Rep. Trey Radel to a gathering of 500 pro-capitalist think tank operatives during the closing speech of the 36th Resource Bank in Orlando. The word “capitalism” is seen as taboo in other parts of the world as well, reading the article on Forbes titled “The sad decline of the word capitalism,” the founder and leader of the Instituto Libertad y Democracia in Peru says when he asked small businessmen and street vendors if they were capitalists, their answer was “No! Capitalists are those up there,” meaning those who are above or control “the law.” People no longer want to associate themselves with capitalism anymore.

We have taken what was meant to fulfil us and made it a curse; nowadays there are those who are anti-capitalism because of some features in it that are detestable. One of them is greed. People hate the system because of those who abuse it, they use it for their own ends, and they become selfish and hoard things for themselves. These are the signs that the system is being abused, never was it meant to produce such. Due to lack of understanding the principles behind it, we abuse it. But even with all those defects it is still being employed by many countries because like it or not it is a necessity for humans.

Let’s dive right into it.

By nature God is a creator, creating or being creative is build in him, he cannot stop creating because that’s who he is. Just imagine God without his creation, what kind of a king would that be? Remember kings relish territory, they take pride in owning more and more territory because that’s the whole essence of kingship; you take pride in your territory and the bigger the better. King Solomon puts it like this, “A large population is a king’s glory, but without subjects a prince is ruined.” ~ Proverbs 14:28.

God is a creative being, when he creates; he is just being himself and expressing who he is. If he can stop that he dies, which will never happen because he is eternal, Alpha and Omega.

What makes God a capitalist?

and God said, "Let there be light." and there was light.

Nothing “makes” him as such because he is such by nature. What is a capitalist? Simply put, a capitalist is someone who possesses capital or resources to produce or make something. Basically that’s what a capitalist is, someone with the know-how, resources (be either a gift, skill, money etc.) that can be used to produce further. Capitalists are progressive, always moving, improving things for the better, that’s why the world keeps on evolving; we hear and see a new product almost daily because of capitalists’ ingenuity.

In God was all that you see on earth today and more that we have not yet seen. In him, he had all the capital and that makes him the greatest capitalist ever, not by world’s definition of a capitalist. You must divorce the world’s standards and definitions to see his perspective because as long as you cling onto what the world says, your mind will always be clouded. We “see” him creating the earth in just six days, including you. In him dwells all the inventions, creativity, innovations, ingenuity, enterprising spirit, entrepreneurial spirit, you name it! It’s all in him, the greatest of them all.

He created the platform (earth) for his creation (man) to manifest what he has put in them (capital). Remember what I said, kings always seek to expand their kingdoms. That’s why Africa and some parts of the world were under the oppression of the kingdom of Britain, Portugal, France etc., because those countries wanted to extend their dominion beyond the boundaries of their country and they took over territories far from home. Many fights and lots of people lost their lives in those battles for land.

Earth was an expansion of God’s influence. After creating man (species – male and female), he left the creating process in their hands. He wanted to create through them. He created us in his nature just so we would taste how it is like being the creator. The resources on earth were already provided by God and he created me and you to use them to create further, nothing beside natural resources were here except man. Man had everything you see today inside of him, the laptop I am using to type this wasn’t created by God but he put it inside man and created it through him.

Do you see yourself as a capitalist?

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Man, the greatest capitalist on earth

After he passed the management reigns of the earth’s resources to man, God rested and watched his creature create on his behalf. Man started by naming all the animals, he created all the names of these animals you see today, it wasn’t God but man did. That was capitalism by God’s design, creating based on God’s leadership. Capitalism is creation. The word “creation” is loaded. It can take pages and pages just to unpack the word, so I would leave it there for now.

Once man declared independence from God and chose another leader (Satan), capitalism was flawed, creation was flawed. Ever since that event, “we know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to present time. Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.” Apostle Paul says in Romans 8:22-23. The whole earth has been under slavery, creation groaning in agony to be released and freed, not only that but we ourselves since we lost our position, are abusing, killing one another. Since we lost track, we are driving in the dark, lacking direction and vision.

Capitalism flawed

Greed, jealousy, hoarding, inequality and selfishness entered the system of man the day he thought he knew better. It was man for himself and the first sign was death in the family, Cain killing his brother Abel. Since then man has been paying the price.

Capitalism, the engine of any thriving economy
Capitalism, the engine of any thriving economy | Source

Steve Jobs, Henry Bill Gates...and many more manifesting their given capital

If you carefully read the story of the two magnates (with their partners of course) in our technology industry, the late Steve Jobs and Bill Gates (not late), computers were already there when they started, they used to study on them at school but they were not what they would like them to be, and that’s why they brought their own flavour to complement and improve on what was there already.

Steve Jobs desired to build a machine with a personal touch, the one you can carry with you everywhere you go while Gates was deeply involved with computer software and today Microsoft and Apple Inc. are the household’s names. I can go on and on with different industries but the point is where you are, you can see something you can improve on, just add you own touch and style. It needs not be this big idea to change the whole world but it is significant because only you can add it, nobody else.

When you know the story behind the product, you understand better why you like or buy it. Personally, I like Apple iPhone not because it’s so elegant and classy (which it is) but because of the story behind it. If you own it, you owning a vision that was once but a dream in a man’s mind, isn’t that amazing? Owning a reality of a dream, that’s amazing to me because it says somebody had an idea and with courage and conviction he stuck to it.

Despite some disagreements within the company that led to Steve Jobs being fired from the company, with some ingenuity at NeXT Pixar he bounced back after 12 years away to take the company forward and an iPhone is the product of all that. It’s amazing when you follow the story behind a product (any), it inspires you to go forth and make your dreams a reality too. This is why we are interconnected as humans, to feed from each other, to get courage and inspiration from one another and not to be parasites sucking off each others’ energy but to spur on one another towards our dreams and visions.

That’s what it means to be a capitalist. To believe you have something valuable to offer this world that nobody can do except you. The ingenuity, energy, passion, creativity, intelligence, wisdom, enterprising spirit, entrepreneurial vocation and the likes are all inside of us waiting to be manifested and when that manifestation takes place, a true capitalist is born not for greedy but to express him/herself, to give his dreams air to breath.

The world in short of true capitalists

It is those with ideas and wisdom to implement them that go on and create jobs in our world. The world is not short of jobs but of ideas backed by courage and conviction to manifest them. Your passion, creativity, intelligence and energy are the victims of your mind if you are using them for somebody else and not you. You have some capital in you that your passion and energy were designed to manifest.

The world is in short of true capitalists (industrialists, entrepreneurs, leaders), not those who are preying on the poor and ignorant. The world is groaning for capitalists who are convicted in themselves that they are created to improve the state of humanity. I wonder what the world is missing that you came to provide. Suppose the one who was supposed to provide a laptop or computer did not, what kind of a world would this be without computers? What about cars? Thank God they fulfilled their mission to bring all what we see today in our world but it’s not all complete because there is still an amount of capital trapped in each of us still living to take out and manifest for the coming generation.

Capitalists are producers
Capitalists are producers

Manifestation of capital

Regardless of all the dire flaws, man has marched forth and produced great inventions after the other. The eternal nature of God in man never deserted him, thou it was flawed but it was still there. That is why you see great structures and goods today, magnificent buildings, automobiles, smartphones, watches and many man-made inventions to improve the state of living in our world. Man continues to be a beacon of hope for other fellow humans, he continues digging deep within himself to see what else did the Creator deposit because that’s exactly what the world is lacking.

The Wright Brothers (Wilbur & Orville) who are credited with creating the first airplane to fly the sky had it in them to build it. It was not just their brilliance that won the day, they had a curiosity that was stirred into planes, (their father brought them a toy –helicopter –like top which sparked the boys’ interest in flying) they started developing a genuine desire and interest in helping humans travel safe and fast. It is said that before they decided to build the plane there were other plane-like inventions, so they took it from there and put it on another level. They completely galvanised the transport industry. But the idea was already there, they just improved on it and ever since it has been improving.

That’s the whole creation process; others are there to lay the foundation for the next generation to boom. Not everyone was created with an original idea to implement; otherwise we would have no cohesion in creation. The previous generation was here to improve on what was before they got here; likewise, we as this generation are here to improve on what we got here. We are here to add our spices and flavour to the food being cooked.

Enjoy the fruits of your capital
Enjoy the fruits of your capital

By God’s design, you and I are capitalists

All in all, every human is a capitalist by nature whether you know it or not. That was God’s design. He created you with something inside; he deposited a sum of capital in you that qualify you as a capitalist. It’s not a curse to call yourself a capitalist, it is a divine blessing. “Capitalist” is not a political word but a natural privilege –it is a privilege endowed to you by the Creator. Deeply embedded in the nature of the kingdom of God is a principle of “capitalism,” in that the King blesses his citizens (capitalists) with capital that they need to utilize not only to advance his kingdom but to be and advance themselves.

What’s your opinion? Let’s talk please...


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    • Bongani Sibeko profile imageAUTHOR

      Bongani Sibeko 

      4 years ago from Johannesburg

      Sanxuary, I appreciate your thoughts and time here.

      Like I articulate in the article, I am not referring to capitalism as a system of this world but simply as a principle of a king giving his citizens a privilege to participate in his creation.

      When King Jesus said we must pray "...your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven..." that is actually God's plan to make his colony (earth) to be like heaven.

      You are exactly right, a king is judged by the status of his citizens, if they are poor, that's a bad reflection to the king. That's why he is saying we must seek his kingdom and his righteousness first and all these other things he shall add. He wants to show off with his citizens to show how good a king he is. He is not a poor king.

      I never implied capitalism as a faith, certainly it isn't.

      The context of the article is not about salvation and being given capital to use to advance his kingdom is in no way in contrast to you getting your salvation either.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Other then a play on words that was about as far out of context as you can get. You can not compare Earthly success in the form of Capitalism to Heavenly goals of spiritual maturity and salvation. God hardly needs to be a Capitalist to create the Universe. A king with lots of people is hardly success if they all live in poverty. Capitalism is not a faith and it will not grant you salvation. I guess you forgot how hard it is for a rich man to find salvation, something about a camel attempting to go through a needle.


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