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Updated on September 30, 2009

Michael Moore's important film

Bill Maher recently told Michael Moore that he is "the tribune of the people." I think that's spot on. Moore has put himself out there once again to bring us a very real depiction of what's happening in the United States, in a way that no one else does.

It's saddening, it's maddening, and it's entirely true. The gap that exists between rich and poor has been rapidly widening. We have been told over and over that capitalism and free enterprise are the good, holy foundations of our economic system, but Moore puts forth the heretical notion that capitalism is not always good, that it's not holy, and that it actually does quite a bit of harm. How dare he.

For those out there who dismiss Moore's movies automatically because they see him as a propagandist for the left, I ask you to first see the movie. You might see how much he really just wants to see ordinary men and women have a fair shot at a good life. The people who are struggling in the movie are real. They are families whose houses were foreclosed because bankers and traders gambled with their loans. They are professional airline pilots who have to go on food stamps because their wages were slashed to make excessive profits for the top guns. They are widows who watched companies collect giant life insurance payoffs from their spouse's death, while they themselves drowned in medical bills.

And on the other side of the coin, you have the people who have been telling you how great capitalism is because, one, it's been great for them, and two, they want you to keep eating hamburgers and drinking Budweiser so that you never question the system. These are the same people who write off Michael Moore's movies as sensationalism. This group is comprised of a wealthy elite who hold all the strings, on Wall Street and in Washington. The scary thing is, the fat cats on Wall Street and the politicians in Washington are often one and the same. Goldman Sachs is the farm team, the alma mater, for many of the most powerful men on Capitol Hill. So when it comes time for the government to implement regulations (for a $700 billion bailout, for example), nothing happens.

I can't predict that you'll agree with everything Moore says in this documentary, but I pretty much did. I think it's essential that we have someone openly questioning and confronting the stigmas about what does and does not define America's greatness. I think if the truth were more readily available, more of us would be picketing in the streets. In fact, I hope that's exactly what comes of this film.


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      9 years ago

      I hope so too. May the pleasant lethargy from the Budweiser and the glittering lights of "American Idol" not drown out our reality in the long run.


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