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Carbon print? What Goes around and comes with standard seating and leg room!

Updated on February 26, 2016

Our marks as the humans race

In a black cloud of smoke once exhausted disappears in split seconds but remains in our atmosphere and causes more headaches then aspirin has healed. Our freedom is now costing us more then the price of gas ever could; and for some reason we are in race on a track but if we were racing without fun, free feeling, powerful horse powered vehicles; we might start to notice we are not free as we thought because what holds us in chains isn't the wheel we are chained too it's the instruments of evil that we play with constantly that put us there going as far as death or bust if we don't recognize our cost of freedom is paid with our freedom from one end receiving and another simultaneously losing the wheel of our fate will eventually go flat, or have a blowout, or wear down to the wire; or my favorite till the wheels fall off. After all it's our GOD GIVEN RIGHT AS AN AMERICAN! Our right that is now is the reason for our wrongs! A new turn in our history folks! What are we willing to deny to preserve our freedom to drive. Ill tell you exactly what we will do to deny, everything that threatens to take it away. That's the AMERICAN WAY yew haw; our ecosystem is completely threatened due to carbon levels reaching an all time high November 2015 that will never go back down below this point ever again. I recently learned the carbon can and does gets captured into the ocean somehow and the way sound travels in the ocean is changed due to the way sound travels through carbon monoxide is completely the opposite to the way sound travels in oxygen. Sound is condensed as it passes through the carbon then when released can be miles away from when it entered. So migrating will be real tough for those relying on sonar sound travel to guide. Beached animals is what comes to my mind over the years ever increasing as our carbon levels, Coincidence? I'm not too sure about that but let's examine a little more......

Let's speculate.....the migration patterns messed up ocean animals will die due to sonar as more then just their freedom to move sonar is their eyes and their ears so if you lost your ears and eyes at the same time would you freak out I would probably start waving my fin around causing commotion. Imagine every single whale in the ocean doing that; Talk about rocking the boat. Our earth is going to be thrown into cataclysmic catastrophe soon real soon if we don't stop our rocking the boat emissions completely. I have many suggestions for all corporate companies who employees drive is the same everyday creating a bus system in every town in a city everyone can drive their car to in the city they live then hop on the bus provided by their boss the skyscraper's owner to be brought to and from like the grey hounds equipped with bathrooms and are hybrid buses as well. emissions cut by possibly a 1/3. That wasn't hard at all pretty nice for everyone all around I'd say. I have another but it's quite detailed but I have it and plan on presenting it at some point somewhere.


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