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Casey Anthony: Guilty or Not Guilty?

Updated on January 20, 2013
Casey and Caylee
Casey and Caylee
Party time
Party time

The Casey Anthony movie on Lifetime channel is an interesting look into the crime and trial and trial preparation. The case began in 2008, when a little girl was reported missing in Orlando, Fl.,some 31 days AFTER the fact by her mother, an attractive woman. Her father was a former policeman and her mom, an RN. She came from upper middle class and all was normal, so it seemed. At first, the mother told the police she was abducted. Casey, the mother, reported her car had been stolen. When the car was found, her father opened the trunk and smelled the stench of death but no body. Forensics did pull some evidence indicating a dead entity had been in there. Eventually, police charged her with the 1st degree murder and sought the death penalty in Oct. 2008. In Dec. 2008, the skeletal remains were found about 500 yards from the Anthony home in a trash bag that had been submerged under swamp water for some time, her flesh eaten by animals and decomposition over time. Caylee was only 3 yrs. old. Found at the site was duck tape, the same type at the the Anthony home.

From May to July , 2011, the trial caught the attention of the world. The prosecution thought they had a sure win even though it was all circumstantial evidence and no direct evidence. Despite what seemed obvious to most and to the prosecution, the jury felt otherwise. They were not convinced that Casey had killed Caylee, they did not see how the evidence pointed to Casey, even though, Casey lied many times and went to party's after the daughter was missing. In the end, Casey was found not guilty of all charges but for lying to police. Within 12 days after the trial, she was free. Free of trial, free of Caylee.

Most were outraged by the verdict. Most still are. Now, she is appealing the lying conviction to avoid another trial on this remaining issue. How do you feel?


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thanks Josh for that intelligent, thoughtful response. Both OJ and Anthony are guilty, but, that is how it goes. As to natalie wood, well, I suspect there was some foul play which is why the police looked into again and why Wagner remains silent on. I suspect there was some physical thing happening out of anger. something was fishy about it. So, where is this BS?

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      "How do you feel?"

      I feel you are a dumbass trying to publish as many hubs as possible. Right or wrong, she was found not guilty by a jury of her peers in Florida.

      If you really want to look at an interesting case, look at O.J. He was found not guilty in criminal court, but guilty on civil charges. I think he did it, but should that be legal?

      Or maybe you could write a BS hub on Natalie Wood.


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