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Casey Anthony-When mothers kill

Updated on August 9, 2011


Its unfathomable to think a Mother would and even could kill her own child. None of us can imagine anything like that! Why? because it is unnatural. The mere word "Mother" signifies love and nurturing even in the animal kingdom. The bond between Mother and child is unbreakable! So why then are there instances when everything goes terribly wrong and the word Mother turns to Murder?

The Anthony case is a tragedy all the way around. There is a child that lost her life, a Mother who seems to be at the least a sociopath with a slew of other serious mental disorders, we have her parents whom I cannot even begin to understand the depth of dysfunction and to salt & pepper it a bit her Brother who seems to be in a lot of emotional pain. In the end we have a child that's no longer here, that lost her life somehow and most likely lost it through the person that was supposed to love her and take care of her...her own Mother Casey.

Mothers who have killed

The scary thing is that this has happened before. Why this anomaly? What is happening inside the minds of these Women? We still haven't forgotten the inexplicable deeds of Susan Smith who drove her vehicle into a lake while her 2 unsuspecting toddlers sat trustingly in the back seat only to save herself and then tell the whole world the children had been abducted at a traffic light by an Afro American Male.

Then there was Andrea Yates who drowned her five children in the name of religion, said she wanted them to go to heaven so she could follow and be with them. Instead she called the police and stated she had done something terrible.

And most recently Julie Schenecker who shot her two teenagers in the head claiming they had gotten mouthy with her.

Unfortunately the list goes on and it is terrifying! What in the world happens to these women that they find murdering their children a bonafide option? Its like a frightening Horror movie thought up by Hollywood writers but unfortunately it's not.

Abused victims themselves.

While its true that most of these Women were either abused when they were children or adults and began to feel like they had terrible existences and felt trapped and overwhelmed the way they dealt with their circumstances were quite monstrous! Was it environmental or biological or emotional trauma or maybe just a little bit of everything? we will never know nor will we ever understand! One thing I do know and understand, these types of Women obviously had severe mental disorders that should have been recognized a long time before they committed these acts and crucial intervention should have been exercised immediately followed by long term therapy and institutional admission if need be.

The Scarlett Letter so to speak

The societal stigma of having a mental illness is large or at least in our own personal thinking and in our families way of thinking. No one wants to admit that there might be something terribly wrong with them especially if they are a Parent and especially if they are a Mom. We tend to hide our little skeletons in our dusty old closets hoping they will go away and no one will notice and so we think whatever we are going through is hidden from everyone. Unfortunately this is not so with Mental illness. Mental disorders continue to grow and worsen if a person does not get the proper professional help they need. Most of the time the person going through this will just suffer through it on their own but every once in a while Tragedies will happen. I personally know many people who would never think of going to a psychiatrist or psychologist because "They are not crazy" and if they do go people will think they are crazy. For that kind of thinking to still be alive and well in this generation is ludicrous.

What will happen to Casey Anthony?

Will Casey get first degree murder or will she get life in prison or maybe even a lesser conviction? We will all find out just days from now. What makes this case really sad and disturbing is how we have systematically witnessed a whole entire family fall apart piece by piece, how everyone in Casey's family was associated with this finality and how it tore them all apart right in front of America to watch. A lot of people truly despises Casey for what she did whether it was actually killing her own Daughter or at least covering it up and going about her daily business of being a 25 year old with no responsibilities but we have to remember that a woman that is only 25 years old that could have had so much potential in life can now very well lose it to a lethal injection! most of all the tragic loss of a precious little Girl. It is indeed a tragedy on all levels.

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    • spirit929 profile image

      spirit929 6 years ago from Upstate NY somewhere over the rainbow

      Thanks coolwater. I'm still following the case. Wonder what she will do after she gets out, dont think she'll be able to go live with her Parents!

    • coolwater101 profile image

      coolwater 6 years ago from Atlanta GA.

      Great Job You said a mouth full.. wow !!

    • spirit929 profile image

      spirit929 6 years ago from Upstate NY somewhere over the rainbow

      Hi Pen Thank you for the comment! Yes maybe this all could have been avoided. It' so sad seeing this unfold and to watch Casey on one corner of the TV set like a rabid animal I watch her and wonder what the hell happened! also to hear all the disturbing and horrific things that happened to that little girl Caylee. Im a Mom and a Grandmother, my Son is the same age as Casey though he doesnt have any children and is not married. He is a responsible young Man however I can see he is not yet ready for marriage let alone being a Dad, what happened with Casey? Disturbing as well is how this trial has become a media circus with people beating each other up just to race into the court house. Reminds me of the Romans watching the gladiators getting chewed up by Lions! Scary all the way around.

    • profile image

      PenMePretty 6 years ago from Franklin

      Exceptional. Great job!!! I agree with you on every word.

      I have learned that people like Casey CANNOT HANDLE LIFE,

      in their mental condition. Like you said, she needed help a long time ago. We try to make this awful tragedy have logic, when her mind is sick, and there is no logic. They are all good people with so much dysfunction

      --in my opinion, it started in the Garden with Adam & Eve. The entire family needed/needs extensive help.