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Casey Anthony’s Trial Finally Starts . . . and so does another.

Updated on July 8, 2011

It’s safe to say that the vast majority of those following the Casey Anthony trial want to see it end in a death sentence. However, the ending is currently far out of reach as we wait through the court proceedings which have taken three years to get started.

Opening statements were made, with prosecutor Linda Burdick presenting duct tape as the murder weapon during her two hour presentation and detailing the 31 days that Caylee was missing. Burdick informed the jury that Anthony’s 1998 Pontiactested positive for chloroform and decomposition. Burdick stated that the duct tape was used to cover the nose and mouth area of the victim. Burdick then depicts the carelessness that Casey showed while her child went missing from June 16th, 2008 and her unfortunate remains were found July 16th, 2008. Burdick states Casey went to a club with her boyfriend and entered into a hot body contest just a few days after people started raising questions about Caylee’s location. Burdick also advises that Casey even got a tattoo reading “Bella Vita” (Beautiful Life).

Defense attorney Jose Baez presents to the jury that Caylee Anthony drowned in her family’s swimming pool on June 16, 2008. Baez also points to George Anthony, Casey’s father, as an accessory by finding the body and helping with the disposal. Baez states George Anthony’s mistress Crystal Holloway will testify in favor of this claim. Baez argues that Casey hid her daughter’s death the same way she hid the molestation by her father and brother.

George Anthony’s testimony as the first state witness only reiterated what he has claimed all the time. That he was very close to his granddaughter, he was under the assumption she was being watched by a babysitter named “Zanny”, he did not molest Casey Anthony, and he had no involvement in Caylee’s death.

Cindy Anthony, Casey Anthony’s mother, testifies that she reported her granddaughter missing to 911 after continuous excuses from Casey about Caylee’s whereabouts. Cindy states the above the ground pool was too high for Caylee to reach alone and that the ladder was removed from the pool once Caylee became a toddler. She stated the ladder was removed the same day the defense alleged that Caylee drowned.

Anthony Lazaro, Casey Anthony’s ex-boyfriend, testifies he received a text messages from Casey Anthony after Caylee’s disappearance stating “I lied to everyone. What was I suppose to say? I trusted my daughter to some psycho? How would that look?”

Ricard Morals, Casey Anothny’s ex-boyfriend, testifies that she did not seem emotional, but happy the day Cindy Anthony report Caylee as missing.

On June 15, 2011, prosecutors rested their case after presenting testimony and evidence of Anthony being a liar, party girl, neglectful parent, and unconcerned about her daughter’s disappearance. They also presented circumstantial and forensic evidence that supports their claim that Anthony suffocated her daughter by duct taping her mouth and nose shut, left her body in the trunk of her car until the odor of the decomposition was too overwhelming, and then dumped it in the woods nearby her home.

On June 16, 2011, defense attorneys began presenting their evidence and testimonies that support their claims that Caylee drowned in the family pool with no involvement of her mother, Cindy Anthony. Testimonies showed there was no presence of Anthony’s DNA or blood found in the car or from the duct tape prosecutors claim that was used to suffocate Caylee. The defense showed photos of Caylee climbing into the family's pool with grandmother Cindy Anthony's assistance. Cindy Anthony testified that Caylee was able to open the glass sliding door that led to the above ground pool and was able to climb into the pool with no assistance. Cindy Anthony also testified that the stains in the trunk were present when the family bought the car in 2000.

Another similar case being held in the same Orange County Courthouse, a few floors below Casey Anthony’s trial, actor Billy Bob Thornton’s daughter is on trial for the October 2008 death of her best friend’s 1 year old daughter, Olivia. Amanda Brumfield is charged with first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter of a child, the same charges as Casey Anthony. Brumfield’s defense argues that little Olivia attempted to climb out of her playpen, but fell causing her to hit her head. The fall then caused a “second-impact syndrome” – meaning the fall could have triggered a previous injury which caused her death. Brumfield called her husband when the little girl became lethargic, and finally called Ocoee police when she stopped breathing.

With a not guilty verdict and a sinister smile, Casey Anthony becomes the most hated woman in America. Her release date is set for July 17, 2011.


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