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Cash and Carry GOVT.

Updated on May 6, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Corruption in Indian Railways NEW SCAM.


Watch the Mess on TV Times Now on 6th May,2013

New Railgate Scam after Coalgate Scam.This is a new scam where jobs of Chairman to Railway Board and Member of Railway Board is sold for a price unimaginable to any ordinary men or as a new word is coined for the ordinary man and is called in Hindi as 'AM ADMI'.The price as on today as informed over National TV channel is Rs.10,000,00,000 only.Where do you get so much of the money to be given,well the bribe taker is very generous he allows you to give it in installments so today the first small token of Rs.99,00,000 was being paid to the nephew of our honorable minister of Railways when the law caught both the bribe giver and bribe taker and thus another type of SCAM was born.The fight that will go on between the GOVT and opposition parties in the LOKSABHA on 6th May,2013 after 11:00 AM will bring out another interesting but unfortunate deeds of the present GOVT in power.

To Refresh our Hubbers the present Scams under investigation are:-

1 - Coal Mining Scam - A National Scam - Reported by CAG of India who reported the scam in the year 2012 and the amount that is lost by the GOVT due to the system of allotment by none other than the present Prime Minister of India who was the Honorable Minister of Coal Ministry is Rs.1,85,5913.4 million or USD $ 34Billion.

2 - 2G Spectrum Scam - A National Scam the Key people being the Honorable Minister of Tele communications A.Raja who auctioned communication bandwidth lower than market valve for a sum that made the public ex-checker a loss of Rs.1,760 million or USD $ 32 Billion.

3 - The next was CWG Scam which was by the Honorable Sports Minister.Suresh Kalmadi who is no more a Honorable Sports Minister.The Loss was in Rs.7000 Billion or USD $.13 Billion.

4 - The Next was DIAL Scam Central Govt Lost by undue favors Rs.1669723.5 million or an amount of USD $ 31 Billion.

5 - ISRO S Band Scam - Rs.2000 Million or USD $.37 Billion.

6 - Bofars Scandal.

7 - Jeep Scandal.

7 - Cash for Vote Scandal.

8 -The Satyam Scam.

9 - Oil for Food Scam.

10 - Many Many More.....


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