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How to determine the Caste of a Politician in India

Updated on November 11, 2015

Caste Based Politics

Now a days the line “ Caste based politics” is used very often. So often is it used that caste has become the main agenda for all the political parties. This makes me feel, what is the cast of a politician? Is the politician a Hindu, or a Muslim or a christian or a Sikh?

At first I didn't get an answer to my question. I was almost tempted to erase this question out of my mind when I felt that maybe just maybe a politician is a Hindu who reads the Quoran, celebrates the Christmas and follows the sentiments of Sikhism. Or a Muslim who reads Gita, celebrates Sikh festivals and follows christian sentiments. You can put all kinds of permutations and combinations, according to your convenience and they will fit the bill. Does that mean all the politicians are secular? Then that ends the matter. Then we should not be talking about caste at all and the line “ caste based politics” should not be mentioned at all. In a Utopian society, yes you are right. All the politicians are secular and no discussion should be there on caste and religion.

But, alas, this is not a Utopian society. It is an Indian society. Which is divided from top to bottom and from left to right in million pieces just on the basis of caste. From a macro level, India looks like one big united democratic country. But, if you come down a bit then you will be shocked to see a totally different picture. Starting from the level of corporation to the level of state, there is politics and caste based divide everywhere. Every political move is taken on the basis of caste.

Secularism of Indian Politicians

One is forced to ask the question then “ how are we calling our country a secular country when the whole base of our politics is caste?”. I am shocked to see posters of our esteemed politicians posing in a Muslim robe praying to Allah on the time of Eid or getting blessings from a father in church at the time of Christmas. Do they really need to show that they believe in Allah and Jesus in order to get votes from those particular communities? Will people not vote for the politicians if they are just concentrating on the basic necessities of the people? What will happen if a politician works on fulfilling the basic needs of the people and work towards the real development of the particular community? What will happen if the people are not divided as vote banks from different communities and are taken as one full village or state? Will that particular politician or that particular political party not win election and get elected/reelected?

A nation becomes a developed nation when it grows above the caste based politics and goes to the level of development based politics. When we fought for independence we didn't fight individually as Hindus, Christians, Muslims or Sikhs. We fought as Indians, then what changed after independence? Whether we are aware of our political rights or not we are aware of our rights based upon religion or caste. We are more concerned about the freebies given by the politicians at the time of election to our communities or caste. No one is caring about the long term effect of this bias shown by the politicians.

So it all boils down to us, the so called aam admi to think what is the caste of a politician? The caste of a politician from my view is money and power and for that they use our caste and divide us as and when necessary. Jago India Jago. 65 years already and the 66th year going on.. and still developing/underdeveloped nation tag doesn’t suite us. Let the 2014 general elections be the time to ask our politicians the most important question” what is your caste?” and vote depending upon their answer. Not the cliché answers given with rhetoric but the answer which promises real development of our country.


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