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Catholic Bishops allowed this Socialists Regime to Continue

Updated on December 6, 2012

The other day I received my annual Catholic Bishop’s Appeal letter on behalf of the poor and needy Parishes throughout Virginia. This time unfortunately I unleashed all my pent up anger and frustration held within against this wing of my church. Historically I have been very generous when it came to helping the poor and needy because personally I feel very blessed and believe in giving freely to those less fortunate.

However, my magnanimous spirit was shattered four years ago as the people of this country to whom I had been giving voted to elect a Regime which was predicated upon the Socialists concept of Redistribution. This did not settle too well with me especially as I watched this same Regime little by little destroy the very fiber of Religious Freedom while I watched in equal incredulity my church sit by and do nothing.

Throughout history the Catholic Church has always fought against Socialism recognizing the very concept destroys the human spirit. No evil was too great nor was any entity so fearsome that would deter the Church from standing up for what was right. Pope Leo XIII braved the wrath of Attila the Hun as he stood between his army and the Gates of Rome; Pope John Paul the II went into the very heart of the Evil Empire and preached against the evils of Socialism leading in part to the ultimate destruction of the Soviet Empire.

Yet today, faced with the most serious choice during my lifetime between Socialism and Capitalism the Church remained silent allowing another Evil Empire to remain in power. The Church can hide behind the separation between church and state concept but are they truly naive enough to believe those lined up against freedom, democracy and Capitalism weren’t working through the churches in the poor neighborhoods getting out their message. A message just as insidious as the one decimated some 80 plus years ago throughout Nazi Germany. Hitler coalesced the German people around a hatred for the Jews; they were the source of all their troubles; they had stolen from the German People and as such their wealth was ill gained.

Well, this modern day Furor coalesced the poor and supposedly disadvantaged around a hatred for the so called 2%; the group that pays 70% of all taxes were somehow not paying their fair share. This group of achievers who rose from the ashes and claimed success for themselves needed to pay more so that those lingering on the bottom rung of the ladder could have more without working for it. This message resonated so well with the downtrodden that they actually came to believe it; remember if you repeat a lie long enough it becomes the truth at least in the minds of those to whom the lie is directed.

Meanwhile the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world were shouting from the pulpits against those evil Republicans yet our Bishops remained silent and allowed this evil Regime to continue usurping power and dismantling Religious Freedoms. Had this group of Bishops spoken out against this Socialists Regime as the leaders of our church had so many times throughout the past this Obamination could have been averted?

Why am I so sure the outcome could have been reversed had the Bishops taken a stand, let me explain? One of the many microcosms skillfully created by the Regime in order to retain power was the Catholic vote. Historically it has always gone to the Democratic Candidate. However never before has the leader of the Democratic Party been so anti Catholic/anti Christian. This Regime has declared war on Catholicism as well as Christianity in general. The Catholic Church actually filed suit against the Regime regarding a provision in Obama Care which flew against Church Teachings. Also statues as well as crosses were ordered covered during speeches this anti Catholic/anti Christian leader of this Regime gave on the campuses of Notre Dame and Georgetown.

Given this the Bishops still chose to remain silent allowing many millions of misguided/misinformed Catholics to continue to support this evil Regime. Had the Bishops prepared a message to be disseminated from the pulpits throughout each diocese detailing the evils of this Socialists Regime the outcome would have been different. Yet their silence was deafening as this Juggernaut of Social Intervention rolled along annihilating the constitution!

Yes, the Bishops remained on the sideline and watched the character assignation of an honorable and decent man by an insidious Regime whose only chance of reelection was subterfuge and obfuscation. They watched as this same Regime lied about their opponent creating a caricature of someone to be afraid of. This strategy strategically aimed at the series of select microcosms determined by the Regime to amass a collective total of necessary votes to win lying to each group misinforming them as to what they supposedly needed to be afraid of if their opponent were elected. This proved to be a successful strategy. One of the key microcosms was indeed the Catholic vote which the Bishops could have prevented from going to the Regime!

So that brings me full circle back to my original point, the Catholic Bishop’s Appeal. Do not, repeat do not ask me to donate to any group that voted overwhelmingly to re-elect this Socialist Regime whose sole purpose is to take what little I have and redistribute it to this same group of people you’re asking I willingly support. And as for the Bishops, all I can say is a collective SHAME ON YOU FOR ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN!


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Partisan Patriot 

      5 years ago

      Thanks Guys; I haven't written much of anything these days; seem to have lost my zest for writing/fighting!!!!!

    • breakfastpop profile image


      6 years ago

      I love your honesty. We have precious little of that these days. There are so many people responsible for allowing this sham of a president to have another 4 years. We either have more people who despise democracy and capitalism in this nation than we ever imagined or we have been dumbed down to a level that offers no hope of return. I know you don't are but voted up all the way.

    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 

      6 years ago from Central Texas

      All I can say is "amen and amen" -- you told it like it is/was and appears to be in the future. Congratulations on a well thought out, accurate and well written piece on a dastardly subject -- kudos to you for speaking up. Best/Sis


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