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Caylee Anthony: Born to Die To Soon

Updated on November 27, 2011

Caylee Anthony

Caylee Anthony. We all know her. We have all seen her. For over six months, I have watched this little angel sing You Are My Sunshine while flipping through a book. She is now part of my family. Her precious face, those big beautiful eyes, and that movie star smile would melt the coldest snow.

So much lay ahead for this intelligent and beautiful little girl. Yet, she was no more than trash to the hands that swept her from the face of this earth. Garbage in a bag, silently rotting away. Yet, she was not alone. For with her was her future that would never be. Every dream that she would ever dream was her company in a plastic bag. Caylee - a rose that will never bloom.

I have watched almost every episode of Nancy Grace and tonight I hear that Casey joked to friends about using medication to sedate Caylee. The anger in me rises. I want to explode. According to Nancy Grace reporters, Casey did not want her. She wanted to give her up for adoption but her mother, Cindy, said no. Little did Cindy know that she had already signed Caylee's death warrant.

Caylee deserved a chance to live. Who knows what great scientist she might have been? Perhaps a fine lawyer? Maybe a great humanitarian. We will never know. A little life that touched our lives because of her death. Otherwise, we would have never known her

I am a better person for knowing Caylee Anthony. I have more compassion for children and hug my granddaughter more than ever. Caylee Anthony - born to die to soon. No longer on this earth but I know you are somewhere singing You Are My Sunshine. Goodbye, little Caylee. I will never forget you.

CAYLEE: The Rose That WIll Never Bloom


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      Crystal 8 years ago

      It makes me sick that caylee's own mother killed her. I have a 2 year old myself and would NEVER harm a hair on her pretty little head. I just wonder how anyone could EVER harm a child, childern are the closest thing to heaven and the love of a child is priceless