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Lord, don't let it be too late!

Updated on November 11, 2009

 I have often thought of those fighting for the cause of freedom, anywhere in the world. There is always a lapse of time between the signing of the ceasefire and communication to those in the war-zone. Here's a prayer that no life is lost during that window between this and that.

The Ceasefire!

I sit here by the ocean
Listening to the breeze
And hoping that tomorrow
Will come
For here tomorrow doesn’t
Always come
At least for some For when the sun sets
It might not rise
Ever again…

The night is strange
It brings a recurring darkness
A mirror image of Africa’s history
A civilian government ousted
By a military coup
Oh! The anarchy and devastation
And then just when hopelessness
Threatens to engulf the people
A civilian government is elected
Or rigged into power
And so the cycle goes
With brief interludes of each

So tonight I sit here in thought
Across from the peninsula
Where the new convention center stands
Tall despite our economic stature
The leaders will sign a treaty
That will entitle you and I
To live without fear
They will append their signatures
To pages and pages of unread substance
They will agree to a cease-fire
At least on paper!

I hope those fighting in the trenches
Will get the message tonight
For wouldn’t it be tragic
If one were to die
For a cause
When the ink is already dry
On the signatures of the war-lords
And all that is left
Are the dregs of their champagne toast?


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