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Celebrate Freedom - Vote

Updated on June 4, 2012

California Presidential Primary June 5, 2012

On June 5, 2012 Californian’s have an opportunity to vote because of the sacrifices and hard work of many dedicated people. My deepest and sincere thanks go to all those who have made elections possible. Certainly this includes the soldiers that fought, and are fighting, for our freedom.

There is another group of important people that we do not hear about very often. I dare say these people are taken for granted, yet without them, there would be no elections at all. I am referring to the Elction Board including the inspector and poll clerks – the people who dedicate many hours of their time and energy to learn the rules - making sure your vote counts. They work very hard at odd hours, and sometimes at considerable personal expense to ensure fair elections with reliably trustworthy results. In honor of these people and in respect to our wonderful democracy, I ask that all those that read this article vote June 5, 2012. I ask that each person make a resolution to do their best to vote at every election. The laws make it relatively easy to vote, even though it might not be so easy to discern whom to vote for and which way to vote on any given issue. I offer this advice. If you are not sure of the candidate, if you do not know what they stand for or anything about them, do not vote for that person. Likewise, if you do not fully understand an issue, do not vote on it. There are likely to be many people and issues that you can vote upon, knowing full well that you have done your best to make the best choice. If your candidate does not win, if your position does not prevail, California and America will still have gained something. You will have demonstrated respect for the sacrifice others have made so you could vote.


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