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Change A Child's Life - Join Your Local Child Welfare Board

Updated on February 16, 2010

Your Local Child Welfare Board and What They Do

When I found out that my oldest son was involved in his local Child Welfare Board, I decided to interview him for this hub. I found out that this board is one aspect of the community that is overlooked a vast majority of the time. When we think of Child Welfare, we usually think of the Child Protective Services or "CPS". There are a great many people out there who don't realize the large part that the Welfare Board plays in their community, and how to get involved. I hope to educate the general public a bit, and hopefully bring a small amount of awareness to the role they play in helping abused and neglected children.

In the interview I did with my son, I hit on some highlights of the Child Welfare Board with a series of questions. He was glad to oblige me, as he says that these local boards are usually "overlooked and under appreciated". Hopefully the following can help them overcome this.

I am hoping this hub will encourage more concerned people to become involved with their local organization and help the abused and neglected children in their communities. Children are the future of America, and deserve all the love, help and emotional nourishment we can give them. They are the true victims of the world. They were brought into this world by adults, and deserve a chance at the best future we can give them. Please consider becoming involved in some way. As you will see below, it doesn't take a lot of time to make a big change!

Interview With Jeremy Lane, Board Member for the Child Welfare Board

1. What position do you hold with your local Child Welfare Board?

"I am a "Board Member".

2. What drew you to this position?

"The ability to have a direct impact on the most vulnerable members of our society: Children who are not cared for properly by their parents or guardians."

3. What is the main mission or goal of the Child Welfare Boards in each county?

"To meet the needs of children in various stages of Child Protective Services. This can range from feeding and clothing a child just removed from a meth house to partial scholarships for foster children. Regardless, we act in the best interest of every single child that comes in contact with CPS."

4. How does the Child Welfare Board contribute to the community? Does the board sponsor donation drives or events, and if so, where does that money go?

"Child Welfare Boards are a fairly unknown, and under-appreciated, organization in most counties. Each board has the freedom to host their own events to raise money that goes toward the board’s mission. The money itself goes into the board’s budget, and is used only to benefit children in one way or another. Child Awareness Month, for example, is a fairly expensive undertaking as our board distributes pencils, calendars, wristbands, and other materials to every participating school in the county. Each piece of material has the child abuse hot-line, and many have tips on how to spot abuse and what to do if abuse is suspected."

5. Are the members of the board strictly volunteer, or do some receive a salary?

"All board members are strictly volunteer. No one on the board benefits financially in any way from any board activity."

6. How can a person become a member of their local board?

"Visit the Texas Council of Child Welfare Boards website:

The website has loads of information on what the boards do, and also has contact information for those interested in donating or joining their local board."

7. What power(s), does each board hold in each community?

"The board is a servant to the community. The only power the board holds is the power to change the lives of children, which is a humbling responsibility."

8. Do you have to have any prior experience, or have a degree in a particular field to be eligible to hold a position?

"No particular experience or education is required to become a Child Welfare Board Member. Anyone with the desire to serve is a viable board candidate. That said, each person has a unique set of skills that can be well put to use through board service. From businessmen to homemakers to the retired; all have something to offer their board."

9. How much time do you devote each month to serving on the board?

"Meetings are normally two hours per month. Extra activities can require a bit more time, but nearly anyone can find time in their schedule to be a board member."

10. From a personal viewpoint, what does being a part of the Child Welfare Board mean to you?

"Being a board member offers a new aspect of service that you don’t get by only donating monetarily to the charity of your choice. A Child Welfare Board has a direct and tangible impact in the lives of the children who absolutely need it most. A Board cannot be everything a child needs, but can give them a chance to have a childhood. In regards to community service, I’m not sure that anything surpasses that."

Educate Yourself About Child Welfare!

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    • Laura Thykeson profile image

      Laura Thykeson 8 years ago from Central Texas

      You are welcome! My son is so active in so many things, but this is one that is very important to him and his wife, April. They also sponsor a child from Africa, he is an ordained minister, plus has a full time job, she started a branch of the Girl Scouts in their town (she has her own business...)they have two daughters and more things they are active in. They both feel the need to reach out and help children as much as possible. My son is involved with many organizations that focus on children, and my youngest son is a teacher and a coach for Junior High kids! I have NO idea how they find the time to do everything they do!

      Thanks for your comment!

    • Cari Jean profile image

      Cari Jean 8 years ago from Bismarck, ND

      Thank you so much for this information. I had never heard of the Child Welfare Board.