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Change: The Key To Success

Updated on March 10, 2016

Change Agent and Change Champion Roles and Skills

Primary Role: Expert or Facilitator?

An organization needs to have experts in their fields to know the trends and science of the industry they are in. I believe that the facilitator is more important than just having a panel full of experts. Facilitators are the people who are leading the change throughout the organization and are communicating the goals and mission. The facilitator’s role is to get the organization working together jointly and horizontally keeping the needed momentum for the change. I believe it is the facilitator who bridges the gap from idea to completion. Organizations need to communicate and the facilitator is the center of that when it comes to changes within an organization.

The Development Process

We learned that the developmental process starts with someone who is learning a concept and developing understanding about it. The technician stage is when the concept is practiced and the understanding is there. The artist stage is when the concept is mastered and the practices can change artistically while achieving the same or new innovative results. I can relate to this concept because I remember how little I knew about tanks when I was first in the Army and by the time I got out of the Army (4+ years later) I could tell by the sound of a tank what was wrong. I enjoy going through these stages and wish there were more things I was in the Artistic stage in.

Role of Change Champions

There are three roles for change champions. They are Initiating, facilitating, and implementing. The role of initiating consists of the skills of developing a change mindset and providing visionary leadership. An initiator also has to be well informed about the issues, opportunities, and how to accomplish the tasks. A facilitator has to work with people, work with the teams, and network and get the right people together. An implementer needs to plan and manage the change process, make things happen, keep people focused and motivated, develop feedback mechanisms to monitor progress, and preserver until the change succeeds.

Change Agent Competencies

In order for a change agent to be effective, the people involved must have fundamental knowledge, conceptual skills, consultation skills, and personal skills and attributes. These different aspects of OD competencies can be expressed as knowing, conceptualizing, doing, and being, respectively. Fundamental knowledge is the knowing what the fundamental of the business are and the politics of change. It is also important to know the roles and skills of the people within the organization. The conceptual skills needed is an ability to visualize, design, plan, and clearly present appropriate interventions, and be able to see the big picture. The consultation skills are the person’s skills in transforming the organization. This is done by doing the training and developing the skills needed for change. The personal skills and attributes (or being) is having a strong sensitivity to the needs of individuals, groups, and organizations and how to balance them. It also involves excellent listening skills and a good sense of humor and the ability to dish it out and take it.

Evaluating Your Change Agent Skills

In doing the OD skills evaluation I scored a 78. That is the high part of average and almost to the Good ranking. I scored more points in the conceptual skills and I do believe that reflects the type of person I am. I am good at using the knowledge that I have, and creating a plan or idea that can change how things are done. The hard part for me is doing and carrying out the plan, these are things I am continuing to work on.


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