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Change What You DO to Avoid Programming

Updated on April 9, 2011

Change in Activities a Must to Avoid Programming

      This seems like common sense, but our stalkers know how to influence our actions so that one thinks fewer and fewer novel thoughts.  What we do stimulates our mind in new ways which get us out of the corner we've unwittingly painted our way into under stalker-influence.  Just MINUTE changes to your routine can short-circuit the attempt to get the mind STUCK ON ONE THING.  A different workout routine, driving to new places, biking.....even walking.  ANYTHING you didn't do yesterday!

     You'd think I'd know better after all I've been through, but stalkers quickly change their tactics to squeeze you into one set of activities.  They always jack up the heat when I'm taking a shower.  You can "listen up", wash very slowly while watching what you are thinking, wear earplugs or power your way through.  They would prefer that we lay around and remain in ONE place for days and days.  They can run a "I'm tired of this activity" suggestion and administer an electronically-generated feeling of a need to lie down.  I call this the SLOTH BEAM.  You end up very depressed because you don't do anything you value.

    It was this way when I worked:  everything is made to seem like it was the previous day with plenty of irritants thrown in to emotionally drain me.  I'm presently taking a break from work because it was stressing me out to no end.  At first, not working was a change in activity so everything felt better..........but this changed over the months.  Pretty soon I was doing the same workout routine, playing the same video game, laying around a lot and feeling increasingly mentally limited.  My thoughts got to where I could actually visualize my mind as this ball that had been hemmed-in by "lines of habit".  Only a self-imposed shock to the system could snap me out of it. 

     I just got back from a trip to my parent's.  I was feeling very stressed-out and "cornered", so I was somewhat grumpy about the prospect of doing ANYTHING DIFFERENT.  It felt that if I stepped out of my normal routine of doing things that I'd be more vulnerable........but surprisingly this was not the case at all.  We actually NEED to do some things that we don't feel like doing, but we know is good for us.  It will feel kind of funny at first, but once you FORCE YOURSELF beyond the "I'm tired of this" feeling........a new life awaits.  By making resolutions to change our behavior for the better, we get "improvement points" and are allowed to go forward in anything we choose to do. 

     Just find something that you feel needs to be done or something that you would really like to accomplish.  Then go into "mission mode".  This means you go do this thing no matter how crappy it initially makes you feel.  I'm thinking of taking up drawing and most definitely marathon-running.  There simply needs to be a massive overhaul in my "life routine".  Heck, just playing a new video game provides the mind with novel memories and thoughts.  These changes are quickly noticed by new thoughts, less of a "mentally-stuck feeling" and MENTAL FREEDOM. 

     You notice that you are actually capable of fun without even taking something to lower your stress-level.  I was working on doing the same things in different ways.  This is good, especially when you are at work.  When you have more time, make a big point of EXERTING YOUR MENTAL EFFORT ALONG DIFFERENT LINES.  It WILL feel un-comfortable at first.  Your body may be doing all sorts of weird things to discourage you.  You may feel extremely sensitive to cold when waking up, they can make your intestines contract or your bladder "feel full".  They may even cause parts of your body to "itch" very intensely, but forge on despite these physical/mental feelings.  

      Our efforts to simply live our lives with free minds is itself an exercise in valor.  If you could see all the means being used to handicap your body and mind, you would also see that it truly takes a "Superman/Superwoman" to get very small things done.  This makes the ordinary an adventure:  will you have the courage to withstand e-harassment in order to:  get out of bed, clean yourself up, do something you haven't done in a while........just don't live the same way you did YESTERDAY.  Think of an invisible python which closes it's grip around you more with each LACK of effort.  The goal is to get you so mentally-limited that you have no alternative thoughts to the constant, subliminal barrage your mind is taking.  Changing WHAT WE DO makes it very hard to do this to us. 


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