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Change Your Mind: Stay out of the Groove

Updated on July 28, 2010

Our Inability is their Inability to Control Us

Lets be hypothetical: minds are now routinely read and re-educated through Binaural Waves perceived as a "ringing in the ears" to us. It's: Invisible, difficult to avoid and a downright sucky contribution to the 21st century. It made my life Hell for about 8 years, then I discovered how to "escape" the thought police. Substitute earphone music for sound, think chaotically, change your mental state often.

Our thoughts are/have been invaded on the deepest level. Combine this with instant, non-damaging pain beams and you've got one heck of a way to re-arrange a persons mind and how/what it thinks. There has been an unspeakable slaughter of personalities in favor of "social programming"(pretty much the conversion of a person into an android). You can only take out so much and put in so much before the individual personality is traumatized. We've watched the draining - out of individual personality styles in America. It started in the early - nineties and continues to occur each day/hour/moment.

I can now actually say that I've experienced "Fates Worse than Death" through this system. Now I can have a generally enjoyable day with the combo of meds (Abilify, Klonopin, Zoloft) with mental flexibility exercises to actual jamming of these Binaural Sounds with loud headphone music. Make sure that this music expresses your reality as opposed to attempting to modify yours! Now here's one more way to throw off the Social Programmers.......self-willed mental chaos.

They can just walk right in and re-arrange your mental furniture to THEIR PARAMETERS. There you will be stuck until you find a way to break the chains of thought-control. Do what any noble citizen being invaded by another country does: burn the foundations that define reality (then just make up your own). If they are going to use our brains to put our minds in jail - lets alter that mental status, leaving our minds too jumbled-up in the FIRST PLACE (not AFTER they've tortured and broken your spirit through constant stress/trauma.) Let's say an invisible robber can come into your home whenever he feels like it.

These mental robbers are sadistic and try to juxtapose the thoughts we find most precious and Holy right by horrible thoughts they have "added" to your concious mind/dreams....often they use snippets of your own memory/personal experience to facilitate a psychotic episode. Usually a person will reach for any order to replace the chaos. Not me. They erased my memory of who I was and tortured me........I just waited until my mind recovered (about one month).

O.K. this robber is REAL and he's messing with your mind. YOU MUST CREATE RANDOMNESS WITHIN YOURSELF. Pretend you don't know what you are seeing/doing. Forget about the boundary between pain/pleasure.........they will take you there when you are MOST UNCOMFORTABLE. Learn to perceive normally-opposing qualities as part of each other. Learn to forget.....often. What they put in you grows off it's structure like a fungus, so JUST FORGET THE DISTURBING THOUGHTS THEY PUT IN US. OBSERVE only those things you need (not what "Catches your eye"). Be a tiny moment. No expectations, no short-term past, if worse comes to worse......focus on the energy and convert it into "Light Side Power" by listening for the aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaaa,aaaaaaaaaaaaaa (not ee!ee!ee!). Slow down your mind and you can get through any obstacle-course they've set up for you.  Do this by moving very slowly.  

Last and NOT Least, if all else fails: go back to that time in your mind before you did anything wrong. This is straight out of the Bible "Unless ye be converted as a little child, thou wilst not enter the kingdom of heaven. " It's also a totally awesome way to be because your mind feels perfectly refreshed/renewed. Remember to BELIEVE. Whatever you BELIEVE IN will protect you from their clutches. Now flex those belief muscles and chaotically arrange our mental furniture so as to give these "burglars" as much trouble finding you as possible!


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