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Change is the unified force of our actions

Updated on November 10, 2012
We only want what is rightfully ours so for that we protest
We only want what is rightfully ours so for that we protest
Fighting for change doesn't come with strings attached.
Fighting for change doesn't come with strings attached.

What is change?

It is only when we choose not to participate that the reverse of progress is possible but as long as we're participating progress becomes the unified force of our actions.

Democracy is the process by which governmental power is politicized by citizens under a free electoral system, which means if we the people do not exercise our rights to challenge governmental powers to secure our rights under the constitution, than the electoral system which we knew as “free” will gradually dismissed our votes to become captive by those in power.

We the people are the constitution which constitutes "the legal authority underlying the existence of the United States of America and the Federal Government of the United States”. So if we want change we can’t demand it we have to take it through our actions which are not advocating violence but rather strategic means.

In my humble opinion the constitution represents a set of laws which specifies the authority of all three branches of our government. These branches are there to execute and enforce the law and we the people are there to make sure of it.

However, what makes the constitution more valuable is the fact that it's there to direct the people in making decisions that goes in accordance with the law. In a sense, it is the people of a country who gives the constitution value; members of congress are there to uphold those values that the people hold true, and to ratify the constitution when those values are no longer applicable to all.

As society develop so will our values because if society is not stagnant we can’t expect our values to be. Therefore, when the people ask that accommodation for members of society be made according to their values, members of congress will be encouraged to ratify the law to suite a collective purpose.

The issues that we are facing today are not subordinate to one group of people, they are the world issues. A change in US laws can be viewed by some as an advantage or a disadvantage to many friendly nations. As Jacque Fresco stated "There are no Negro issues, Jewish issues or women issues, they are only human issues". Therefore, if we look at the world from the view of one collective purpose, we'll become aware that all issues are interrelated.

We have to face our issues together as citizens while at the same time mindful of the policies that are signed into law. It does not matter what our differences are we can always unite for a common purpose.

We say " united we stands divided we fall " and so far the country seems to have been falling, because we are so into ourselves that we're not aware of this division. We're so distracted with our niche that we neglect anyone who is not part of it. Our distraction have made us fail to realize that unity is what give birth to change, and that being a democrat or a republican does not add or remove anything from our elected officials, but being part of a niche with one sided view does add and remove from the unified force of our action.

This is why those with political status are described as being an empty vessel, because their purpose is to carry us over to their destinations of preference. If we were to separate the political status of the candidates and just contemplate on ideas and belief, we might notice that it is not the status of the candidate that we honor, but only the values that they have shared with the people.

Presidents don’t change countries folks, that has never happen nor will it ever occur. A president must have the people on his side to carry out his action. Those who carried out actions without the people’s approval were never presidents, but instead dictators folks. No one can run a country without the people's approval, because the amount of opposition they would face would be enough to make them feel insignificant.

Presidents can only serve as an enforcer to public demands, making certain that the citizens’ wishes are achieved. But as far as change is concern, it is only the people of a country that can redirect the country's course of actions. If you were taught that a president can change a country in school you were lied to, that is simple as that.

Yeah! Come to think of it Obama was right, it is change that we can believe in for that change starts with us; otherwise we couldn't have believed it. Remember that it is we the people who decides what the change will be, the people we elect as members of government help push the change we seek and those members have very little power if we the people do not keep the pressure on.


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    • Coolbreezing profile image

      James Dubreze 7 years ago from New York, New York

      Hi! Med thanks for stopping by

      And I support your position totally. You're right that the economy has surely prove to us all Americans that there is nothing that secures our position, anyone of us can be out of job at anytime. And it is because of that fear that we are so stagnant - the fear of going homeless, the fear of being humiliated by our peer plus the fear of fighting back.

      As FDR stated “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself ” Therefore, it is the accumulation of societal fear that is feeding our circumstances. If one man is punished for protesting his right can leads to many others being harassed if we as a people are afraid to act. The biggest fear of all is the fear of losing our jobs and if we were ever able to conquer that fear as a whole, we would at last removed fear out of change.

      We can never cause change if we as a people are afraid to lose our jobs or go homeless.

      Twenty two out of every ten thousand people in America are homeless and it is not because they’re all unskilled. Some spoke out for better wages; some protest for injustice, some are jailed just so that the future of our children can be just a little brighter. And yet some of us seems to think that they're worthless. What different does it make if you fight for injustice now or later, either way you’ll still be one check away from homelessness.

      What would happen if the United States were to declared insolvency and went bankrupt - A supposition proposed by Senator Ron Paul. And we should not think of it as being impossible since the US has to borrow 3 billion dollar every day to keep our economy going.


      After checking this page I realized that some Americans do want the country to go bankrupt- They believe it would be in the best interest of the people.

      According to Ron Paul it would seems that if we are bankrupt as a country than they can't be no surplus and that any claim that there is a surplus is the result of comparing previous economic outcomes to present ones.

      It would seems by keeping everyone within the economic system struggling to survive, those who are in control of the system would have managed it much better since we would have been afraid to lose our jobs. While giving the rest of us the illusion that we can all experience the American dream as long as we comply with their rules.

      Some of us still hold on to that American dream regardless the state of the economy. What good is the American dream anyway if you are 1 out of 100 people who are middle class while the rest live pay check to pay check. What kind of satisfaction is that when the medical professionals are living average while the teachers, writers, law enforcers and even lawyers now days are struggling to support themselves.

      In any economic system where only a few professions are the lead careers is not a sustainable economy.

      Just the other day we celebrated independence day - and I said to myself how can we be a free nation without being in control of our economic system. And I thought the independence is a lie - for they can never be independence without economic freedom.

      And what do we do - we blamed the immigrants for our circumstances when they're the one providing leverage doing the low paying jobs.

      We have to educate ourselves to know our weaknesses, our problems has never been with the immigrants, they just got caught in the battle while searching for opportunities.

    • Support Med. profile image

      Support Med. 7 years ago from Michigan

      If only people would maintain the belief in 'it's a human issue.' Yes, we Americans have been divided for a long time and the state of the economy has shown us that living paycheck to paycheck or no paycheck at all is not limited to one race, one nationality, or even a certain job position. And yet it is obvious that some still hold to the division or else further progress would have been made already even if not progress to the highest degree. Whether we want to realize it or not, we are still divided. I can only hope that as we come together for change (now rather than later) and we see the good affect of that change that we will not 'return to the error of our ways.' Voted-up/rated!

      NOTE: 12 American soldiers died within 5 days.

    • Coolbreezing profile image

      James Dubreze 7 years ago from New York, New York

      You welcome BkCreative - As they say "in unity there is strenght" . We have a common purpose now BK and as you know it is the ECONOMY - that will join us all together more than ever for it is not about us anymore, its about our children. See you at the front line...

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Lots of good food for thought. I'm impressed at how quickly so many protesters in other countries can effect change immediately - they are a unified force fighting for a common beneficial goal.

      Hard to do that in America where 'divide and conquer' has always ruled. While the whole country was being corporately deregulated for decades - we've spent so much time battling one another and not the issues. And now there is nothing left - surprise!

      Enjoyed the hub! Thank you!