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Questions Don't Hurt Ignorance Does

Updated on April 13, 2015

So many questions to be many answers to be given.

The Importance of Questions in Today's Society

"The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge"

- Thomas Berger

Questions—are one of the most powerful tools for learning and promoting successful performance. Questions can be very effective when they are relevant and used correctly. Not sure if you knew this but as children we would ask our parents over 300 questions a day! However, somewhere down the line as we grew older and wiser; we lost that curiosity and the thirst for knowledge. We began assuming we knew everything and that our mind had reached its salary cap. Allow yourself to revert back to that time and let your imagination flourish. Knowledge among many other things, is ageless. If anything growing older has merely allowed you to evolve your questions and ask about the things that actually matter to you. Irrelevant questions that most people are concerned with can actually hinder learning and further dig themselves in the ignorance hole. As noted from the late George Carlin, "It's not important to get children to read, children who want to read are gonna read. ...Much more important to teach children to question what they read. Question everything!" Most people tend to roll over on command and don't have a pure thought of their own. Why? Because they are either afraid to go against the grain or are afraid to offend anyone.

It all comes down to the state of mind and your way of thinking. This is what molds our perspective and this is what our questions are based off of. However as of lately, society's train of that has been pretty colon-deep in misinformation. Of course I can't blame them entirely, I mean they can only ask about what is presented to them; and as of lately it's been some of the most asinine stories in the mainstream media and top stories of leaked celebrity nude photos. It takes intelligence and not so much obedience to realize and ask questions that are truly relevant. I personally don't question things just because I like to stir shit up, but simply because I want to get information and answers to important questions that are not voluntarily shown up front. This probing mentality will get you to a different state of mind and will have you recovering your youthful curiosity.

Ever realize when you ask certain investigative questions like these, most people deflect them with, "Oh that's just the way it is." But how ignorant of a response is that? Even and "I don't know." would have sufficed. I just figure that if answeres aren't being presented truthfully or are withheld for some reason; there is something going on in the background. The mindset is that there is something a person, group of people, or company knows that I don't. So, when these individuals or groups of individuals are in positions of power and their decisions affect a lot of people (myself included) I believe we deserve answers. For example, my mentality is, "I'd rather get punched by the truth then hugged by a lie." The necessity for a change in our society's mindset and way of thinking is becoming more and more apparent. I mean how can you NOT ask questions when:

  • The government is expanding
  • Taxes are increasing
  • More senseless policies are being planned
  • Inflation is ballooning
  • Our basic freedoms are slowly disappearing
  • The Earth that once flourished is slowly dissipating
  • (oh and the list goes on...)

If knowledge is power, an power is key; then everyone should be able to use that key to open up their own venues. you simply have to WHO to ask and more importantly WHAT to ask. So throw away your youthful ignorance and keep its curiosity. Because this submissive, non-curious state of being we've been in for the last 50 years just isn't cutting it anymore. To put it simply; change will arrive when our state of mind does.

Your mind is waiting to explode with new found knowledge......all you gotta do is pull the pin.


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