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Chaos on the Southern Border

Updated on March 7, 2012

Drug Cartels at War

In recent weeks, the drug violence between the rivaling Mexican drug cartels has escalated to the point it is spilling over into the United States. After making some initial progress, the Mexican government is losing what little control they had over the cartels. A prominent American rancher near the Mexican border was murdered just last Saturday. Investigators tracked the suspected murderer for 20 miles to the Mexican border. Authorities believe it was a drug smuggler or possibly an illegal immigrant. I know it's easy to pile on illegal immigrants. But, if i were a betting man, I'd say it most likely was a drug smuggler who was surprised by this rancher walking on his own land. Last month, gunmen killed two Americans in Ciudad Juarez which is just south of El Paso. Even Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, known for championing illegal immigrants for amnesty, activated the National Guard on the Mexican border. Ranchers in Arizona, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, and even Mr. Amnesty himself, Senator John McCain have called on the Department of Homeland Security and President Obama to send in the National Guard to protect U.S. citizens. So far, the only response from the federal government is in posting a $25,000 reward for the murderer of the Arizona rancher previously mentioned.

You get the feeling things are spiraling out of control in Mexico. This is especially true in the northern most border towns where drug violence has gotten to the point that Mexican citizens are being warned to leave...or else. 30 illegal immigrants walked to Ft. Hancock and asked for asylum. Asylum is very difficult to get from the U.S. The asylum seekers must prove they are being persecuted by their own government due to their political, religious or social beliefs. The Mexican government is not doing this, they are trying to bring the drug cartels under control. It is unlikely the 30 illegals will be granted asylum. But, the border states of Arizona, Texas and New Mexico are bracing for an influx of illegal immigration in any case.

While there certainly is a great deal of blame to passed onto the Mexican government for the current situation, the U.S. is not without blame. Our "War against Drugs" is an unmitigated disaster. If there was no market in the U.S., we wouldn't be worried about Mexico becoming a narco-state. I blame Presidents Bush and Obama for not taking border enforcement seriously. I know it is expensive, but the National Guard should have been at our border when our economy was booming (during the Clinton years....he is not without blame either) and illegals were streaming across our border. Both President Bush and Obama were reluctant to put National Guardsmen at the border due to not wanting to "offend" the Mexican government. The Mexican government should not be a priority when it comes to protecting our borders. It is the duty of every president to protect and defend all U.S. citizens. Past presidents have put politics before their constitutional duties.

I know my ideas will never see the light of day. But, this is what I would like to see our government do in terms of controlling our southern border. 1) Deploy National Guardsmen. Not 150 or 300, or even a 1000. Put 50,000 National Guardsmen on the border indefinitely and give them the weapons to defend themselves. They weren't allowed to do that when Bush put them there in 2007. 2) Assist Mexico with all the military materiel and "advisers" they need to combat these drug cartels. Have our intelligence apparatus in sync with Mexican authorities to find the hideouts of these cartels and destroy them. 3) The Mexican government must make some initiative to stop the illegal immigration problem. The illegals are bad enough. But, mixed in with these people are dangerous drug traffickers. Make it known that any future aid is tied into how much the Mexican government stops their people from illegally crossing into the United States. My greatest fear is that some day, men posing as illegal immigrants are going to bring a "dirty bomb" into one of the sanctuary cities. It could happen unless we get control over our borders.

It is going to become very interesting in the next few weeks in how Mexico handles the drug cartels. The violence is already spreading into our country. President Obama is fiddling around the country about healthcare while our southern border burns. It is time to take border enforcement seriously. It is time to stop worrying about offending someone. It is time to stop playing politics with the safety of the American people.


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  • Wayne Brown profile image

    Wayne Brown 7 years ago from Texas

    Excellent article, David. You make some very strong points. Mexico seems too corrupt cure the problem. I think it will ultimately have to deeply undermine their tourist traffic before they take any action and even that will include involvement of the USA other than for financial which will never see the light of day in fighting the drug war. Bush should have secured this border and now it is past due. I suppose we have to wait until they are shooting it out on the streets of our border state towns before we take any real action. Shameful! WB

  • Writer David profile image

    Writer David 7 years ago from Mobile, AL

    outdoorsguy, that is some disturbing news you shared in that comment. It is almost as if Mexico has quietly declared war on this nation. I knew about the Mexican military forays into the border. I sure never knew about the cell phone jammers. Thanks for this very interesting comment.

  • outdoorsguy profile image

    outdoorsguy 7 years ago from Tenn

    to be honest, the border has been in flames for years. I doubt many remember the bodys of the American College kids they found on a ranch just across the Texas Border. turns out these kids had been kidnapped over a period of years, raped and murdered. some were even used in snuff flicks.

    you dont tend to hear about the Cell phone jammers being used to keep folks from calling INS and BP about Illegals. or the Mexican Militarys dashes across the borders. sometimes taking the border patrol under fire. one incident even had a reporter along with the BP when they were assualted.

    I was stationed along the Texas border for a short time, and know of several incidents that never made the news, even though two almost become international incidents.

    we can only hope that someday we have a president who has the testicular fortitude to say enough is enough. and close the border.