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Charity Tennisathon for Candice Marie Roberts Foundation

Updated on July 14, 2013

Back in 2010 at Wimbledon John Isner and Nicholas Mahut played out a legendary match. They started there match on one day, but couldn’t get to the end of the fifth set before darkness fell. Coming back the next day to finish off a match is nothing out of the ordinary, what was outrageously unique was that they played the next day and still could finish that final set. Eventually the match came to an end on its third day with Isner finally winning by the incredible 70 games to 68. All in all the match time was 11hours and 5 minutes, nearly five hours longer than any other professional match.

In 2011 inspired by that match I did a ‘tennisathon’ playing for 11 hours and 6minutes – one minute more than them, for charity. This year I am doing it again and hoping to make it last another minute longer. It will be at Grappenhall Tennis club in Warrington in Northwest England. To sponsor me you can visit:

The Charity I do it for is the Candice Marie Roberts Foundation, that raises money and awareness for Guillain Barre Syndrome. Candice was from Warrington herself, in August of 2010 incredibly sadly she died from Guillain Barre Syndrome on her 26th birthday. At first she was admitted to hospital with a mystery stomach illness, it took over a week to diagnose Guillain Barre, a horribly debilitating syndrome. It’s a rare condition, affecting only around 1 in 100,000, and it’s rare for anyone affected by it to die from it. When she was in hospital, still believing she would survive the syndrome, Candice expressed a strong desire to her family to do work to raise awareness of the condition. Since she died her family have set up the foundation to carry out Candice’s work for her. The syndrome is so rare that it’s not even well known amongst the medical profession. So most of the money raised is to be spent on training days on Guillain Barre for Doctors and nurses.

Candice volunteered at Warrington youth club where I work, unfortunately I hardly got to meet her myself, but anybody who knew her is in no doubt that she was an amazingly positive person and deserves the Charity in her memory to go from strength to strength.

My tennisathon will be on Saturday July 20th, looking to starting at 9am and finish around 8.07pm. Grappenhall tennis club can be found on Stockton Lane WA4 3HQ. The bar will be open and the club will be having a little open day so visitor will be more than welcome, as will anyone who wants to spend some time on the opposite side of the net to me.


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