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Charity Events & Fundraising

Updated on April 9, 2011

Fundraising Ideas

In this article it is a little more like a follow on from my Fairground and Funfair Games hub in the manner that they are both about setting up events which collect a relatively small income but enough to make a nice contribution for fundraisers.

There are all types of things you can create without having to spend a fortune on equipment and decorative displays, this type of promotion would only be possible with commercial charity sponsorship. If you are not a large charity or cannot get sponsorship, I will be running through some more examples of designs me and my partner at work have been working on to create our funfair type image. We are actually working for a fairly large UK Hardware store called Wilkinsons who themselves are supporting the Anthony Nolan Trust, a charity fundraiser that finds bone marrow matches for leukaemia patients.

 Taking in to account that we work for a large retailer who themselves cannot afford to splash out on genuine carnival displays, this gives a clear indication of the amount of money that is needed to organise a charitable event.

Photo courtesy of

Sponsored Events

To support my comments in the above paragraphs I have included a link for you to view of Funfair Games for hire and you can see that the basic stalls on their own are particularly expensive if you imagine how many of these you are going to need. 

The page also says that you will be charged an extra £50 if you want a custom design for the front of the stalls. So why not hire an artist friend you know to create these for you? he may be happy with the recognition he gets and will be open to your ideas for the theme. Above are the patterns my partner created on wooden boards to go infront of existing gazebos or company had in stock.

Charity Event Ideas

The displays created for the fronts of the gazebos can be as simple(stripes) as you like but you can also be slightly more creative and put swirls like the picture above, these can be given tone depending on how much paint you put on your brush. These boards can be created most people with an ounce of artistic talent, but you need to be careful when nailing two together to make it measure the same length as the front of the stall. Once again see the Fairground and Funfair hub for a better idea of the finished piece.

Charity Fund Raising

Above we have another of my completed signs for the charity event, this particular one is entitled 'Welly Wanging', a game in which you must throw wellington boots as far as possible. To make these signs it is required you have some artistic talent unless you want the charitable event to appear naff!

I also want to explain in a future hub in relation to the first two articles how to create some table games but you may need a handy man available for drilling, sawing and hammering! One game requires you roll a ping pong ball down a board which has nails scattered over it and the ball finds its way to a slot that indicates a particular prize marked with a number.

Charity Fund Raising

To end the second installation about my current undertakings at work with these charity challenges I am going to leave you with a picture of the beginning of my 3rd sign for the funfair games. I am very frustrated at the moment because the supervisors who monitor my administrative work have disagreed with the management and won't allow me to finish what I'm doing. Hopefully I will be back on the job tomorrow, I have had a word with higher up in chain of command so that they can releived once again of my regular work.

I have until the end of next week to produce at least ten of these signs so you can see that it becomes even more harder with deadlines to meet. The above picture shows the game 'splat the rat', one you are most likely familiar with bashing the puppet rat that pops out of the hole!


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