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Charlie Hebdo and Jewish Deli Terror Attack in France

Updated on January 11, 2015

French Terror Attack

Cherif and Said Kouachi are both brothers who carried out the attacks of the French Charlie Hebdo magazine building. Two senior sources have advised the media that both have been to Yemen where Al Qaeda is present and had received weapons training back in 2011. This tidbit of information was validated by American intel sources as well.

Interestingly enough it was thought that this branch of Al Qaeda would not be able to launch any major attacks abroad due to drone strikes. We all now see that this puts a fresh spotlight on this group and indeed became one of the bloodiest Islamist attacks on the West in years. Seventeen victims were violently killed in three days. So far it has been estimated that these attacks were due to French military interventions overseas; and the on-going conflict between Palestine and Israel.

What is even more interesting is the fact that all of the Intelligence organizations that had this information and knowledge of the whereabouts of this one and that one and so forth but there was no intel on where a strike was to be made. That of course is the million dollar question that is posed everyday in the Intel world. Nonetheless it is claimed that these brothers no longer had any contact with the Al Qaeda group after returning to France and the question has been raised whether or not this attack was directed or influenced by them in any way. As of yet no group has officially claimed responsibility for this attack. Although a prominent leader stated on Youtube that "faithful soldiers of God" had taught the French the limits of freedom of speech after insulting the prophets, including Mohammad".

Awlaki, whom is reported to have trained these two is also been tied to the attacks at Fort Hood Texas where 13 people were killed by a US Army Major and several other instances in Britain. Awlaki however is thought to have been killed by drone strikes in 2011. This however has not stopped Al Queda's efforts on attacking the West. It is clear that Al Qaeda has provided sprititual motivation for these attacks wether it was directly responsible or not. But one of the brothers claimed that he financial assistance from an Al Qaeda "preacher" in Yemen. You do the math...


Isis and Al Qaeda

ISIS has begun to overshadow Al Qaeda as of most recent even though they are an offshoot of the network. This shows however that Al Qaeda is still a threat. Yemen in fact has been a hotbed of anti-French sentiments where there was a murder of a French Security agent last May. In 2013, someone fired shots outside of a French embassy in Yemen.

Now speaking of ISIS it is reported that a video was released where Amedy Coulibaly, the gunmen responsible for the attack on a Jewish deli, claimed his allegiance to Islamic State.
Among all of this reports show that hundreds gathered in Afghanistan to praise the massacre of innocent people in these attacks and calling these evildoers "heroes" of justice who dispensed punishment on those who would disrespect their prophet. President Ghani, nonetheless condemned the attacks. Previous insults have sparked violent protests but this occasion turned out to be a peaceful one due to police presence. Despite all of this there were many Afghans were abhorrent over these attacks and agreed with the president that they were not justified.

Should the world be concerned with Terrorism?

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convert or be killed
Love one another in patience
dog eat dog
steady decline in morals
breed and multiply
pro-life dogma
abortion and birth control
increase in secularism
fanatical groups
fanatical groups
population shift
to each his own
tourist hot spots

Dangers are not over

French President Hollande warns the dangers are not over yet. France is home to the EU's biggest Jewish and Muslim communities. France has a problem trying to integrate five million Muslims. Problem is they do not want to integrate. Nonetheless France has had a tremendous growth of Muslims for a long time. Rather than these people assimilating, they organize in homogenous communities and set themselves apart from French society. France, once called the "Daughter of the Church" has seen a tremendous drop in not only morals but in Christianity. The use of birth control and the murdering of unborn children have gone on and on and on; meanwhile Muslims have been procreating at a steady rate. Naturally if one group is eliminating their chances to continue to give birth then the one group who does not resort to those limitations will outgrow the one who does.

On another note I have personally received numerous accounts from French priests that have been persecuted not only by their fellow Frenchmen but by Muslims as well. There have been instances of assaults and other types of malicious and disrespectful behavior which normally goes under the radar, carpet, trash bin or paper shredder.

Hollande stated on a television address that "these madmen, fanatics, have nothing to do with the Muslim religion"; I beg to differ. Although they are extremist Muslims, nothing in Islam denounces their actions but on the other hand encourages it. As much as it is attempted to be painted as a religion of peaceit is not entirely peaceful; history has proven this fact time and time again. Christians have their faults as well but we are not taught to kill all that oppose conversion. These attacks were not necessarilly to promote orthodox Islam but it was out of Islamic teaching that it was able to sprung. I am speaking out of my experience and observations. I do know many Muslims who are peacefull but they have no care to hear about any other religious belief but their own. That doesn't mean that I will no longer have any interaction with them. NO. That would be unkind and unChristian. Instead I still let them know that I love them as a fellow human and they might agree with me in that sentiment. I don't plan to kill them in the middle of the night because they were not interested in my evangelizations; and I don't continue to force my views on them. I instead show them the differences by offering love and friendship. Most orthodox Muslims would do the same; however their religious texts encourage the killing of those who would not accept conversion and call for the conquoring of places in the name of Islam. Christianity does not have such an explicit endeavor; instead we have free will which God would rather us choose him freely than under such duress. A Muslim leader (Sheik Hareth Al- Nadhari) said about this incident that "some in France have mesbehaved with the prophets of God and a group of God's faithful soldiers taught them how to behave and the limits of the freedom of speech." He then went on to say, "soldiers who love God and his prophet and who are in love with the martyrdom for the sake of God had come to you".

Jihadist have declared war on the world

Canadian Prime Minister Harper stated that jihadists have declared war on the world and anyone who doesn't think and act exactly as they wish they'd think and act. This will not go away, and the reality is that we must confront it. Canada has faced it's own attack this past October. Harper has attributed his security agencies being able to prevent most attacks from coming to fruition but warns that the growth of Islamic State has escalated this to a whole new global level. When we think back to how Hitler was appeased time and time again as he barreled towards Russia while rounding up and slaughtering Millions of Jews; this statement rings true. We are at a point where we must face terrorism head on; no matter who the attackers are.

This does not come as a surprise, history has shown that Muslims have tried to dominate the world. They invaded Spain and France after gaining a foot hold in North Africa and Arabia; then they developed into the Ottoman Empire. We all know that the goal of the Ottoman Empire was to take over Europe. The leaders may have changed but the goal hasn't. However to be fair in this Napoleon and Hitler tried to take over Europe much like Alexander the Great but none of these three have been able to obtain the amount of territory as the Muslims. Fanatics or not. Is there a plot of some sort to take over the world? Will the likes of Al Qaeda and ISIS be able to accomplish what no others have? The questions still remain to be answered as it is undoubtedly something that only time will tell.

One still on the run

Authorities are still looking for Hayat Boueddine who was involved in the murder of a French Policewoman. On a lighter note sources claim that the brothers were shot dead by French security forces after they had taken refuge in a print works outside Paris. Coulibaly was also killed after he planted explosives at the deli. All three are claimed to have been a part of the same cell operating in France.


Future is always uncertain

What does this spell out for Islam, France, Europe, Terrorism? No one knows. The leader of Hezbollah however stated that these attacks have done more to hurt Islam than any cartoon or book. He stated that they were an outright insult. Hezbollah however considers groups like Al Qaeda to be apostate Muslims.

The point is Violence begets Violence. But Sic Pacem Para Bellum. So we are all stuck in this dance of avoiding and preventing acts of terror through civilized methods.


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  • paguilar profile image

    paguilar 2 years ago

    My sentiments exactly. Thanks!!!

  • lions44 profile image

    CJ Kelly 2 years ago from Auburn, WA

    I don't see this kind of fanaticsm abating anytime soon. The risk of them getting nuclear weapons is a realstic proposition. I'm seeing some changes in the Middle East. Groups are starting to ally against ISIS and we need to do more to bring them together. I've always thought this rush to get an Iran nuclear deal has something to do with fighting ISIS. Because that agreement would make no sense for the West. So there has to be a hidden objective. Voted up.