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Charlie Hebdo attack: solution comes too late

Updated on January 19, 2015

Tough questions about the security system

The Charlie Hebdo attack killed 12 people in France, and another gunman carried out two separate attacks, killing a female police officer in one and four people at a Jewish supermarket the following day. It was a bloody terrorist attack.

But tough questions should be now asked over how two gunmen were able to make the attacks inside Charlie Hebdo office, defying the security forces. Now many European countries are deploying troops on the streets. No way! ‘’It is closing the stable door after the horse has bolted’’, says the proverb. Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack is a worldwide security issue. Question: while European countries stepping up security with soldiers patrolling the streets today, what is next? It is clear that something is wrong about the security system. Around the world newspaper reported that some of gunmen were arrested earlier, then set free. Why? Something didn’t really work in the security and legal systems when it comes to read that from the newspaper. It is not enough to say like French officials that ‘’ they cannot put a police officer behind each person.’’

The lesson to retain is that Charlie Hebdo attacks showed ridiculous failures in all Western countries security system. What kind of security forces that wait new elements to warrant starting an inquiry or keeping an eye on people they have a past criminal and terrorist records?


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