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Charlotte Bean, another precious one senselessly taken at Sandy Hook

Updated on December 20, 2012

Charlotte Bean taken much too soon

 Charlotte's Guestbook can be found at
Charlotte's Guestbook can be found at | Source

Charlotte Bean was only 6 years old

On Friday, December 14, red-headed Charlotte Bean chose, over her mother’s objections, a pink dress and boots to school. Her funeral will be held Wednesday, December 19th at Christ the King Lutheran Church.

According to her obituary posted at, Charlotte provided daily happiness to her family: her beautiful smile, energy, and self expression are firmly engrained in their hearts and minds. She could have become a veterinarian or a martial arts expert ... or both. Charlotte's future is now established in heaven.

Charlotte Bean deserved to live


The world mourns and family reflects

As the world hears the tragic events from afar, a spiritual connection is growing among all of us who wish to share the pain of these grieving families. Dr. Phil and Robin read a poem at the end of their show which is an outward expression of how the world is feeling the impact of these tragic deaths. In The Hands of God, a heartfelt, moving poem was written to the well known The Night Before Christmas and has gone viral on the Internet. Please follow this link to read it:

Up close and personal, Charlotte’s grandmother, Irene Hagen, fondly recounts her precious memories of Charlotte.. Irene Hagen described her as a “sweet, outgoing, energetic little girl with beautiful red, curly hair." Charlotte’s Uncle John spoke of how her presence would light up a room. Charlotte’s brother, who also attended Sandy Hook, was spared a deadly fate, Thank you Lord that both were not taken.

What can we do in Charlotte's memory?

We must all do what we can to stop these senseless murders from occuring. Families observe and seek assistance for your loved ones who have mental issues. Insurance companies and medical professional facilitate the process of providing help to the mentally ill. Fathers do not leave the difficult task of raising the children to your wives. Children need both parents. Guns ... what can we do. God help us!

The children of God will see Him

Now dear Charlotte, you won't need your pink dress. You will wear a beautiful white robe and sing heavenly songs of praise.

Charlotte Bean, another precious one senselessly taken at Sandy Hook

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    • dianetrotter profile imageAUTHOR

      G. Diane Nelson Trotter 

      5 years ago from Fontana

      You are welcome Eric. I am attempting to learn more about them but it is so heartbreaking.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Diane, I was praying for these children and their families and I said to myself, I wish I knew at least their names. Last night in our service I led a prayer for them but it just seems empty without knowing who they are. Thank you for your hubs letting me know more about them.


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