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Charter or Buy a Private Jet

Updated on January 22, 2011

Are you searching for a nice, personal way to fly the skies? If so, you may have assumed that you simply needed to purchase your own personal jet. Although this is possible, do you know that you simply also have an additional alternative? That option is the renting of a personal jet. While it's nice to be able to charter a personal jet, it is also nice to own your personal private aircraft, you may be asking yourself which choice is best for you. When it comes to making a decision, there are critical factors that should be taken into account.

Perhaps, the most important factor to consider, when attempting to decide, is whether you should buy your personal private aircraft or just rent one. There are many who say that the cost of renting a private aircraft is higher, however, you should remember the price of a private aircraft. Private jets may cost up to a hundreds of thousands dollars. Before you begin looking into buying your own personal jet, you need to ensure that you can afford the price of doing so. Do you have the funds that are required to purchase an aircraft? If not, would you anticipate having that money in the near future? If your answer is absolutely no, you may want to consider the renting of a personal private jet, because it is a lot less expensive.


How Often Will You Use Your Private Jet?

In conjunction with the previously discussed cost, it's also important to look at use. How frequently do you plan on flying? While the price of purchasing your personal private aircraft is higher, you may be in a position to recoup the acquisition cost if you are intent on using it a great deal of the time. If you plan on purchasing multiple plane tickets every year, such as more than 5 flights, you might be able to begin saving money immediately. In the long run, how much money you save on airline tickets might easily end up going towards buying your own aircraft. On another side, if you don't foresee your self taking several flights annually, it might be easier for you to charter a personal jet rather than buying your own jetl. Purchasing a personal private jet and hardly every using it would be deemed an risky purchase as well as a complete waste of your hard earned money.

Whenever deciding whether you want to buy your own personal jet or even charter somebody else’s, you also have to keep flying in mind. Do you have experience in flying a aircraft? If you do not have experience then you have 2 options. One of the options entails taking flying lessons as well as later becoming a certified pilot. Your other choice involves getting a private pilot to take you where ever you need to be traveling to and whenever you have to do so. Whatever method you select, you will end up spending cash and a pretty considerable amount of cash at that. Combined with purchasing a private aircraft, this may be a lot more than you can afford. In this event, you will need to examine the possibility of renting a private aircraft.

Maintaining Your Private Jet

It is also vital that you consider the whole idea of maintaining the jet. When it comes to flying the plane, safety is vitally important. That is why personal jets have to regularly end up being inspected. Should a security issue occur, that concern needs to be looked after before the aircraft can be flown once again. If you were to buy your own personal jet, it wouldn't only become your responsibility to cover aircraft inspections, but it might also be your own responsibility to repair the maintenance yourself or even pay an expert to fix all of them for you. This can be a big obligation, it can be a pricey one also. That is one more reason why you might want to consider chartering a personal jet. Since you aren't the real owner of the actual jet under consideration, it will not be your responsibility to keep this aircraft safe.

Although initially it appears like it is better to charter a personal jet compared to buying your personal jet, there are also numerous advantages to having your own plane. When you are making this decision, you're advised to keep the above mentioned factors in mind, but you will also want to keep your own personal choices in mind too


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