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Chavs - Who are they?

Updated on November 5, 2012
Notice the Healthy bottle of Water?
Notice the Healthy bottle of Water?

What is a Chav?

Since I am on my travels I have come into contact with everyday people such as the 'Chav' persona that usually you try to avoid, for those of you that don't know what a chav is, it is a lower class type of person that originates in the United Kingdom but is stereotyped by particular character traits.

The chav definition would usually be summarized by your average civilized person as somebody who wears full sports tracksuits(but doesn't exercise), speaks excessively loud and aggressively and is usually looking for a job at the unemployment center in the city high street.

My inspiration for writing this hub is because I was walking to the cash machine earlier today when I encountered a chav tying his dog to a lamp post whilst he went into the news paper shop, as usual he was a disgruntled chav and this time simply because his dog wouldn't calm down and they always have the same breed of dog and this is a Staffordshire Terrier.

Photo courtesy of malias

What does Chav mean?

I don't think the word 'Chav' has a specific origin because in the UK people often make up words to describe different sub cultures, there are many other nicknames across Britain which I have heard my friends from university describe these people as. A few of these labels include 'Pike', 'Blads' 'Scallies' and 'Clarts', they are all silly names that sometimes are actually chav words that the chav uses to acknowledge each other but have been adopted to describe them as a whole.

Photo courtesy of FunkDooby

Chav Dictionary

There is of course a Chav dictionary since every different 'race' of people have a language and I am going to serve as the Chav translator in this hub so here are some common phrases you may here them shout if you visit the UK:

'Safe blood' - In English means 'Very good my friend'

'Wazzapnin Bruv' - In English means 'How are you my friend?'

'Innit' - In English means 'That is very true'

'You knows it' - In English means 'you are educated in a particular field'

'Lend us 50p for the bus' - In English means 'Have you got any money I can intimidate out of you?'

'Oh Son/Oh Bra' - In English means 'Oi listen to me' (Even though you don't know me)

'Thats booming' - In English means 'I love that loud bass music you are playing'

'Top Man' - In English means 'Someone you like'

'She's Fit' - In English means 'That girl is attractive'

'Shes bangin' - In English means 'That girl has a nice figure'

'Fancy Chippin in?' - In English means 'Do you want to buy drugs with me?

'E's got Magistrates' - In English means 'A Chav girls boyfriend is due in a court of law for misbehaviour'

'I'll Spark you out now cus' - In English means 'I will hit you cousin if you don't submit' (even if you aren't his cousin)

'Whatever' - In English means, I'm not going to listen to anything you say and will shout you down without a counter argument ( usually used by chav girls with hand gesture.)

'Why is you reading?' - In English means, why do you find it beneficial to read or do anything academic? (dumb question but chavs find intelligence and learning intimidating.)

Photo courtesy of thedigitalpimp

Chav Pictures

If you 'Google Chav' you will see many chav pictures which resemble the 'trailer trash' or 'white trash' of the U.S, the distinguishing features which separate them from this include tartan patterned apparel including 'Burberry' head caps, jackets or they will often have a Burberry cologne at their house but they will also wear gold jewellery they bought from Argos such as sovereign rings.

Photo courtesy of eggybird


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