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Use of Chemcial Weapon in Syria - They can if they want to!

Updated on February 12, 2013

Chemical Weapons Symbol


Proven or Alledged?

The title of this article may feel irresponsible and destructive, but it is completely true. The Syrian Arab Republic, led by Bashar Al-Assad, is one of the few nations that has not signed the Chemical Weapons Convention or CWC not the Geneva Protocol which both ban the stockpiling, research, production, distribution and use of chemical substance as weapons. As a non-signatory nation Syria is legally allowed to use Chemical Weapons. This does not mean though that if the case is such, no international intervention will occur. Many nations have discussed and debated their worries on Syrian Chemical weapons and have decided to intervene if use of such weapons is proven. However that is not the case.

Of lately there have been numerous alleged reports of victims of the Syrian civil war with chemical burns on their bodies. The issue is that these have not been completely documented and proven. The other problem is the answer to the question: "who used the chemical weapons? - The government of the opposition? Assad stated that he would never use chemical weapons on his own people. What about other nations? Israel for example.

So until the use of chemical weapons has been proven, or such use is against other nation signatories of the Geneva Protocol and/or the CWC, the United Nations, the Arab League and the international community are powerless on solving the questions of chemical weaponry in the Syrian Arab Republic. If such cases are proven, the world is facing an open multilateral war with probable use of chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction!


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    • Mathewson profile image

      Andro Mathewson 5 years ago from Germany

      Well, there have been satellite photos of chemical weapons stockpiles, so they do have them, but personally I think they wont use them. And if they do, that does not guarantee foreign intervention.

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      So now after, Irak, Syria has chemical weapons! I do emit doubts as for the accuracy of the "news". If my memory is good Irak was also supposed to have weapons of mass destruction. We all know that they did not. It did not impede us to murder civilians and pilfer their wealth. Now I guess we need a legitimate reason to violate the sovereignty of a nation. Since we've been participating in the attacks within the Syrian soil for 2 years now and that the Syrian people are still resisting bravely, isn't it the next move from westerners?