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Chemtrails & Controlling the Climate in Iran

Updated on November 5, 2017

Former President & Former VP of Iran are Suspicious of the US

Former Iranian leaders are concerned over the serious drought they experienced which affected over half the population (37 million).
Former Iranian leaders are concerned over the serious drought they experienced which affected over half the population (37 million). | Source

Iran Suspects the U.S. for Manipulating the Weather

Pentagon Admits to being able to Control the Climate

The drought in Iran had affected over 37 million people

It's no secret that Iran leaders do not trust the West - especially the United States, but it's no wonder. The Pentagon, in recent years, admitted to being able to control the climate and so, (of course) the United States has something to do with the drought in Iran.

That's what we get.
I mean, I would like to think that my country would NEVER do such a thing, but then again - it wouldn't surprise me.

Climate Control

Environmental Weapons

A secret "soft war" has been launched suspects Iran

Former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad & Former Vice President Hassan Mousavi, both suspect the US was behind the serious drought in Iran.

"Cloud seeding" (what it used to be called), used to be done by the military in the 1940s. Improved technology eventually made it possible during the Vietnam War era where military planes were able to disperse chemicals into the air and cause precipitation, fog and even storms.

Because of such known technology, it is now suspected that the drought in Iran had some sinister plot aiming against them for the fact that they are trying to reach nuclear capability. Sand storms were being reported in the southern parts of Iran. These sand storms in Iran were coming from Iraq. For the years of war that went on in Iraq, desertification has now taken affect. This can cause huge sand storms which can engulf city's causing damage to property and injuring people, possibly to the point of death.

Iranian Nuclear Scientists Assassinated

The latest reason Iran believes the US is behind their claim to a secret "soft war" is the fact that Iranian nuclear scientists were assassinated. A magnetic bomb attached to the bottom of the car in one of the attacks was detected and Iran believes that the US, England and Israel were involved.

Both the US & England both denied the allegations, however, Israel "had no comment". Since then, Iran now has dragged Germany and France into this saying that they also may have had a hand in the assassinations.

Chemtrails and the United States

Are chemtrails real?

Yes, they are.
But they're called contrails

Contrails are the tails of "smoke" behind the jets you see way up in the sky. This is a mixture of water, ice, exhaust & fuel vapor (so "they'll" have you believe). These contrails can be short, long, last for a couple minutes or disappear quickly. Because of this, conspiracy theories have been developed since the late 70's.

It was in 1977 when the first documented report of suspicious activity in the sky regarding possible chemtrails were made. Many other claims have been reported since, and because of the Internet, it has now gone viral.

  • Some conspiracy theorists claim that the US government has a "Depopulation Program". This claim is highly unlikely (but quite possible). Statistically, the world's population is on the rise, but since 1971, the rate has slowed about one third.
  • Ermina Cassani, an American journalist & writer obtained laboratory tests and their results from samples of fallout from the EPA.
  • A common side effect from aerial fallout caused by chemtrails is joint ache.
  • Some conspiracy theorists claim that the government denies the fact that they are carrying any of these chemicals by injecting it into the jet fuel, causing it to disperse and spread with the fuel vapor.
  • Up to around 50 of these chemtrails have been reported seen at one time.

"It looked liked they were playing tic-tac-toe up there."

© 2012 James Timothy Peters


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    • profile image

      hummerz 4 years ago

      Search for geo-engineering, haarp, chemical contrails, "what are they spraying", global warming red-herring. The waters and forests and us for that matter, are heavily sprayed. It causes primarily brain and respiratory problems and illnesses like whooping cough & cancers, as all additives are not announced. Some videos on delivery systems. Only know about here and damages to wildlife, plants, insects, etc. Last report is there are 18 large weather control devices world-wide, not all US? 3 are way to close to us and within hearing....

    • James Peters profile image

      James Timothy Peters 5 years ago from Hammond, Indiana

      Thank you VERY much for your comment, it is much appreciated. I've been looking into the sky ever since the movie "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" came out, and I must say, that there are more 'CHEMTRAILS' now than there were back then.

      With this crazy weather we're having lately, I wouldn't doubt that they're manipulating the weather.

      Manipulating the weather that affects millions of people; messing with mother-nature - it just doesn't seem know?

      This will probably kick us in our ass, then we'll piss off the world; more countries will hate us and the next thing you know, Canada and Mexico decided to move (kidding).

      Fact is, we shouldn't mess with things we don't understand that could possibly wipeout hundreds of thousands of people.

      And if you DO understand it completely, why keep it a secret?

      I know why.

      Because it can be used as a weapon!

    • FloridaSkywatcher profile image

      FloridaSkywatcher 5 years ago

      So glad you are covering this important topic. No one can say a tangible object is a conspiracy. We are near MacDill AFB and get sprayed continually, also near Linder Airport in Lakeland which has military planes. There is so much information out there - we need more journalists reporting on this. The newscasters only seem concerned about dirty restaurants and cell phone bills. When will everyone dig a bit deeper and report on important issues. Weather geoengineering including HAARP is creating horrible, extreme weather, ruining cities, lives, and causing devastating destruction. The government is not and will not disclose this betrayal against its own citizens. Very sad time that we are living in. More and more are fighting against this cause. Aside from the EPA and EPC who are in bed w/the gov't and any other environmental groups who are suppported by the gov't. Apparently it took dentists banning together and proving that flouride is harmful to our health before they stopped polluting our water (in some areas). We need a powerful group to ban together against weather geoengineering. Thanks for your article! Hope to read more!

    • James Peters profile image

      James Timothy Peters 5 years ago from Hammond, Indiana

      Thank you very much, your comment is MUCH appreciated. I have been looking (reaserching) into ChemTrails for a couple of years now and I find it strange how 'nobody' really believes that this could be possible.

    • TToombs08 profile image

      Terrye Toombs 5 years ago from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map.

      That's some interesting stuff, James. I've actually witnessed government planes dropping chemicals from the air over unpopulated areas in Alaska to test "insect replant" that made the plants look like they had spider webs all over them. Voted up and more.