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Chemtrails - New Novel Links Nanotechnology and Conspiracy Theories

Updated on April 1, 2016

Nanotech and The BioAPI

Check out the newest conspiracy theory novel here:

Chemtrails - The BioAPI Influx

Nanotechnology is the wave of the future as it seems quite feasible that nearly everything will be affected by the advancements that scientists and researchers are able to make in that field. As the world pushes towards the singularity, these nanobots and such will provide such a diverse and powerful new reality that what they are capable will seem nothing short of miraculous, and since things on that scale are invisible to the naked eye, it might as well be so.

A Conspiracy Thriller Book For The Future


Yet, with any such advancement there is going to be evil forces vying for their chance to wield that power in a darker manner. This new novel by Joshua Caster seeks to explore what would happen if nanobots were let loose upon the population via chemtrails. Such chemtrails have long been one of the favorite conspiracy theories out there due to the visible nature of the lines in the sky. There are those who argue that there is nothing to worry about and that the airplanes are just creating a natural byproduct of their jet engines - contrails.

The thriller is set in Oklahoma City where it has been discovered that there is a BioAPI which can be used to control the thoughts, actions, emotions, and basically anything else if a person is inoculated with the nanobots that interface with it. That is exactly what the lead CEO of the city is looking to use for his own aims, wrestling it from the grip of governmental agencies and groups whose task it is to guard the technology. Any fan of conspiracy theories should get pleasure out of the new book titled Chemtrails - The BioAPI Influx (A Guardians of Nanotechnology Novel).

Trails In The Sky


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