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Chicago Girl

Updated on November 23, 2015

All grown up

Well growing up in a small town that is not to far from the city...the city life is what you crave. From the beginning I wasn't the normal tool around girl, I had a very creative mind. Trips to the inner city were a must do, but funds kept it to a minimum. Ever since I knew that one day I would be making my own life decisions I had big dreams. To travel and live the life from what people say. I am a rough girl with a gentle way, but I want the best for my life and my family some day. I want to live life while I have the chance, to get out of the small town and run wild, just for a little bit. Thoughts of Chicago and moving there are growing, but the thought of a bad decision makes me stop and think.

Making something of my small life.

I have always been a sheltered child. When I was young being a pretty girl would stop me from really running free. You never know out there what is watching or who is waiting. Things are can be bad. Given the rough part of me. I know I have to look out for myself and protect whats mine. Moving to Chicago is a thrill seeking and moving forward on my path in life move, but is there really a need. Deep down I'm a Chicago girl with no Chicago home. I feel life coming into focus and I am so excited. I want to live the right life but an adventurous one. Looking for the next step in my life...Chicago Bound.

Going somewhere...

I don't know where I am headed. Like I said I feel what I have been waiting for just starting and can't believe anything. My lease is coming to a close and is it stay or is it move. All I know is that I won't be here my whole life. Been here most of it already I WANT MORE! My life is so boring as of right now that trouble is my middle name...You would never think. I don't need more trouble I need more in my life. Come December decisions, decisions, and decisions. No one gets why I can't sit still or why I am constantly bored. This I just don't think is the place for me.


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