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Chicago Gun-Control Fail with Atrocious Shooting and Homicide Record

Updated on January 3, 2017
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A constitutional conservative, taking on the Left with common sense, armed with truth, critical thought, and the principles of the Founders.


Exemplifying the left’s backwards (and freedom suppressing...) answer for gun violence, via imposing major government enforced gun-control measures on the greater population, Chicago ended 2016 with a tremendous uptick on an already horrendous homicide track record. With a 287 case increase from 2015, the liberal-run shining example of gun-control neared 800 homicides last year, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

Of those murders, the city experienced 4,385 shootings, another dramatic spike from the some 2,900 recorded the previous year. These startling figures are enough to appall anyone, but yet far worse is the failure to recognize that the city’s current approach to dealing with the out of control violence is not working, nor will further sweeping gun regulations on law abiding citizens (try telling that to liberals...).

However, this has not stopped the talking heads from providing their uniformed theories. CNN's commentator pretending to be journalist, Wolf Blitzer, just delivered this predictable attempt at rational for why gun-control has failed Chicago:

“The mayor and others say the problem they have is most of those guns don’t originate in Chicago or even Illinois, they originate in neighboring Indiana, where the gun laws are much more lax.” (Well of course the clueless liberal mayor, whose party's policies have been a complete disaster for the city, would utilize the left's typical tactic of assigning blame everywhere and anywhere else...)

Wolf went on to further elaborate:

"You could go to Indiana and buy a gun legally a lot easier than in Illinois. You could go to a gun show and you don’t necessarily need a background check to legally purchase a weapon that you drive back to Illinois, go back to Chicago, and kill someone."

I am pretty sure this is not how the majority of culprits that are committing these despicable shootings are acquiring their weapons, and to believe so is nothing more than ideological shortsightedness. Are gangs members, who often cannot legally purchase firearms due to criminal records, those that you typically see at gun shows?

Get real Wolf. You have shown a complete inability to escape your narrow leftist lens of the world this election, and even more embarrassing was your pitiful display on Jeopardy, thus demonstrating you possess neither the journalistic integrity or intellect to provide a coherent stance on any issue.

Let’s cut through the ideology here and just be completely honest, regardless of imposed banning, limitations, and regulation, criminals are still going to find ways to arm themselves and shed blood (often packing more deadly heat in cities than is permitted to your average law abiding citizen living there). A black market will always emerge to fill the void when need is consistent or increases, despite government bans and limitations. Here’s where the disconnect truly begins, for despite a bleeding heart’s best intentions or justifications for blanketing all in the name of uniformity (whether average American or lawbreaker...), forfeiting constitutionally guaranteed rights is never a warranted counter to the heinous crimes of others.

While gun-control activists (and most liberals) insist that only additional restrictions will solve what has evolved into a disastrous bloody experiment for the Windy City, the metropolis's law enforcement officials tell a much different tale. Believing that cops have struggled to perform their duties efficiently, out of fears of condemnation and being smeared as racists, police activity seems to have been significantly hindered under the current social climate (ironically as police shooting are minuscule in comparison to the gang violence).


As gun-control has failed to cure Chicago of its violence epidemic, the city looks to the future with little hope. Given that liberal leadership is continuing to embrace failed policies and much of the same, will anyone intervene to curb these egregious gang activities? Addressing the those responsible for pulling the trigger should be first and foremost, as opposed to blaming the device taking the life...

After all, to quote the age old saying, "when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

But for now, we are left with little more than marches of silent sadness to remember those innocent victims caught in the crossfire, along with the staggering number of causalities and slain claimed by such senseless acts. The faces of the fallen are a testament to the failures of socialism, government interventionism, corrupt elitism, and the inability to route the problem at its source.

Should Chicago impose stricter gun-control measures to solve the growing violence that is ravaging the city?

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    • My Two Pennies profile image

      My Two Pennies 15 months ago from United States


    • Say Yes To Life profile image

      Yoleen Lucas 15 months ago from Big Island of Hawaii

      Chi-raq-congo has long had a reputation for corruption and violence. Solving its problems will not be easy, nor will it happen overnight. Meanwhile, decent citizens should have the right to defend themselves, and police, with drones and cameras, should be allowed to do their jobs unimpeded.