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Chicago, Guns, and Violence

Updated on December 13, 2012

As of September 25th there were nearly 400 murders in Chicago, far surpassing NYC and Los Angeles with populations that dwarf Chicago. Ironically Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the Nation. There have been some months that have seen more Americans killed in Chicago then in Afghanistan, a war zone. At least in Afghanistan they let you have guns to shoot back.

One out of four murders, or about a 100 homicides have been contributed to one gang, the “Gangster Disciples.” In fact, most homicides are are being committed through gangs. Any murder is a tragedy but I can't seem to get myself overly worked up by gang members killing each other. What does upset me though, is when innocent bystanders take a bullet.

It's becoming common to read about kids walking to school or bystanders standing on a corner getting caught in gang cross fire and killed. It's also becoming common to read about a gang “hit” on the wrong person, someone not even associated with an gang.

This article is not intended to be about gun rights, that being said, I want to make a brief comment. If your a law-abiding citizen, your not allowed to carry a concealed weaponin Chicago. Gun control proponents argue more guns equals more violence. Really? How much worse can violence get in Chicago with 400 murders and there is still three more months on the calendar?.

Does anyone believe gang members are going to try and register their guns so they can carry? Of course not. Chicago is denying law abiding citizens to carry a gun to protect themselves. Just once, I would like to see a law-suit filed against Chicago from a victim suing the city for denying the plaintiff a means to defend themselves.

The reason I'm not going to harp on gun control rights in this article is because, as I have stated, most murders are committed by gangs towards other gang members

Is there a solution? Ideas have included outreach programs to troubled youth, activities to get kids off the street such as all night, lighted basketball courts and such. I don't think too much of these methods. The fact is, a large majority of gang members don't finish high school and have little family support. Another factor in the continuing violence is the so called “no-snitching” culture. I have seen people walking around with the words “No-snitching” on T-shirts.

When these murders take place, very few people will come forward to the police and name suspects in gang murders.

Maybe long range solutions would include community out reach programs and such but as long as there is no strong family unit then I doubt things will change anytime soon. So what is the solution for today?

I'm not trying to be simplistic but just make the laws harsh for carrying a unregistered gun and using a gun in a crime would carry a mandatory prison sentence that cannot be pleaded down and with no parole. Enact this law now with a thirty day grace period. After the thirty days, saturate known gang areas with police and do sweeps for weapons.

It is too common when I read in the paper about another homicide and the suspect had a prior gun violation or is on parole for a gun violation. Some of these gun violations are only a year or so old. The question is why were they back on the street in the first place?

Some of these murderers when caught, have a rap sheet pages long.

One of the most tragic stories I have read concerning violence in Chicago involved two girls, one a exchange student from Ireland. Please follow the link and read the story. They were beat from behind with a baseball bat. The suspect was a gang member, Heriberto Viramontes with a 13 page rap sheet and had been arrested more then thirty time and was only 30 years old.

Why was this animal on the street? Chicago cannot clean up the crime problem if they keep freeing the criminals so they can terrorize society, again and again

Chicago police will never be able to clean the streets of Chicago by confiscating guns. (Chicago is very close to Indiana with much less restrictive gun laws) What they can do though, is clean the streets of Chicago of people in possession of illegal guns.

I believe that very tough gun laws would see a dramatic decline in gun deaths in a years time or so. I still believe in gun laws for law-abiding citizens just not for known criminalswith rap sheets.

Gun violence isn't the whole crime story in Chicago though. The latest fad has “mobs” forming at different retailers through cell phones and social media. Once the mob forms they push into the store and steal every thing in site then leave after a few minutes.

My daughter is in her mid twenties and lives alone in a so called "good" part of Chicago but has to walk under a dark under pass for about a block that is teaming with homeless people and the lighting is very poor. I would feel much better if she could protect herself but the city of Chicago thinks otherwise.


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