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Chicago Style Gridlock

Updated on February 15, 2013

A Brief Summery of the Article:

The State of the Union Address last night brings into focus the Presidents inability to lead this Country; it also shows his talent for the, in his mind almighty campaign. This President is in campaign mode all the time.

Barack Obama's will never really lead in a way this country needs him to. The President doesn't work well with other's. We should have seen this coming from his past performance as a Senator.

Barack Obama claims that he has a mandate by virtue of his win. I'm sorry the win wasn't that decisive.

The win was decisive enough to change the President's demeanor from abrupt to downright abusive with a clear disdain for the republicans. The first term was hard enough on America but the increased demonizing and total lack of working with congress is going to come to a stop, one way or another it will end.

The Senate has worked for the last four years without a budget and any small business guy knows that's like driving with your eyes shut, sooner or later there's going to be a hell of a wreck.

If the President wishes to continue his present course we will all suffer and the only good in that is we'll know who to blame.

President or king?

President Obama has been trying to make law by Presidential Executive Privilege or Executive Order. The method of operation is always the same. He challenges the congress to create a law or send a bill to him for his signature giving him everything he wants to enact; most of the time without much thought. Then he throws a tantrum and enacts his own presidential will and declares a new law by Executive Order.

America has a constitution and a set of checks and balances to protect America from a one branch take over of our government. Our system has worked flawlessly from the beginning, never letting the American people down. Our system of government is to be run by the people through representation of the people. We most certainly don't need a King, that's why we left England.

Unfortunately the constitution doesn't have a bully clause. I don't understand why the Republican Party has let Mr. Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party get away with what they're getting away with. Gridlock in the Senate is substantial and must be addressed.

It's time that the Republican party stood up and put aside their fear of losing their careers. START leading, someone must lead! The Country is waiting. It seems that the republicans are like a deer caught in the headlights.

The Republicans, wow

As a Republican it's hard for me to say, but I don't see a lot of difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. Oh they make some appropriate noise to differentiate themselves from each other but when it gets right down to it there's not a dimes worth of difference between them.

What a predictable outcome the fiscal cliff turned out to be. John Boehner went in good faith to negotiate with President Obama on a one on one basis. The outcome was so predictable that its just not even funny. They talked and talked but couldn't come up with a deal. There was no assurance that Mr. Obama even knows the meaning of compromise, well there was none.

The Republican Party should know better than to waste our time and end up with egg on their faces. There shouldn't be any one on one negotiations, Obama can't be trusted. He will if nothing else change the deal at the last minute. Negotiations with this administration is a pure waste of time.

The Republicans are in fair shape. The Sequester is the brain child of Mr. Obama and as much as I love our military and don't want to see them hurt; it seems we have run out of options. If the Sequester is enacted it will be on Mr. Obama and the Democrats.

The Speaker of the house knowing what happens to those who try to negotiate in good faith with the President has no business trying. The House Of Representatives has every negotiating tool they need in the Constitution. The House has the purse strings, all taxes must come from the House of Representatives.

Last of all, the government is not to be run by one of the three branches of government. The House is to write Law then sending it to the Senate once the law is successfully accepted it is to be sent to the President for his signature. This process must not be micromanaged.

The people have lost their power when one branch of government takes over, let's take it back!


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