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Chicago's New School Requirements May Be Illegal.

Updated on September 15, 2017

In Chicago, they are abusing high school students, under the guise of education.

In the city of Chicago, Illinois, they are implementing a new plan called 'Learn, Plan, Succeed'. This new plan will require high school students to present a written plan to the Chicago public schools, as a condition of getting a high-school diploma. It sounds like something out of Nazi Germany. The students will be required to join the army, after they graduate, or they will not get a high-school diploma. Hitler would have loved that! Forcing students to join the German army immediately after graduation would fill the ranks of Hitler's army, and fuel Hitler's dreams of world conquest. If the Chicago students don't join the army, they can sign up for college, instead. This requires them to produce a college acceptance letter to prove that they have already been accepted at a college. Another alternative is acceptance at a job training program, and another alternative is a job offer.

Let's be realistic, most of the students who graduate from high school in Chicago are not going to college. Have they ever heard of a little thing called 'college tuition'? Most of them cannot afford to pay tuition. Another alternative is getting a job offer. This is also highly unrealistic. Have they ever heard of a little thing called 'unemployment'? What's the unemployment rate in Chicago, anyway? Well, the unemployment rate is higher among blacks, and a large percentage of Chicago's graduates will be black. Let's face it, this is an attempt to draft Chicago's high school students into the army. They are virtually required to join the army under this plan. The mayor of Chicago is a man named Rahm Emanuel, and I want to point out that Rahm Emanuel does not have the authority to draft students into the army. I should also point out that the military draft was abolished when Richard Nixon was president.

When Nixon was president, he was confronted by protests against the Vietnam war. Thousands of people all over America were saying that they didn't want to be drafted and sent to Vietnam, and Nixon bowed to pressure, and he abolished the draft. Since then, America has had an all-volunteer army. That means you volunteer, you don't get drafted. Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago school officials say this plan will be implemented by 2020. I think that the plan is illegal, because it is tantamount to a military draft, and the Mayor of Chicago does not have the legal authority to draft people into the army. It may also be illegal on other grounds, especially regarding the requirement that you must have a job offer waiting for you, as a condition of getting your diploma. Slavery and servitude are illegal in the U.S.A. The requirement that a student must have a job offer from an employer implies that the student is being held in servitude by that employer. Servitude is illegal!

I will write a letter to the U.S. department of justice and I will tell them to prosecute Rahm Emanuel for his illegal activities. I also urge all the parents of Chicago high school students to file lawsuits against Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago public schools.


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