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Chicken a la Carte: A dish that will make you cry

Updated on July 23, 2009

Hunger and Globalization

My friends here at hubpages, I’m sure, you will have something to say about this short film.

The week that passed, I received a video entitled: Chicken a la Carte. At first glance, I thought: “What’s the big deal about Chicken a la Carte? It’s just chicken. All around the National Capital Region are chicken dishes from Baliwag Chicken to Jolly Bee Chicken to McDonald to KFC, etc. Why a special video, I asked. Then I continued reading: Chicken a la Carte: A short film about the hunger and poverty brought about by Globalization.

Hubpages is a space for serious writers and I am very sure that most of you who will watch this short film here will say something, even if you don’t leave a comment immediately.

The film I’m sharing here doesn’t belong to the fiction genre. It is a social commentary of things that are true.

When I showed this film to students who have the comfort of their homes, I saw some of them sniffing.

After the film they said: “How can this be true?” I said, if you are free on a certain day any time soon, let’s go to the poorest area in the city. And when they went on an exposure visit to the poorest areas, they said they couldn’t believe that hunger is real in our country.

Hunger is the sister or brother of powerlessness. Powerlessness is at the core of a society that has generally grown numb to the pain and deprivation of others. The present societal structures tend to globalize Poverty. While we have time, we want to help restore the wealth of meanings to our society. In the words of a Jesuit priest, “We are experiencing a poverty of meanings all over the world”.That's why we are in this kind of society now. How true!

Back to the students who cried. Why the tears, I asked. Most of them said this:

I feel so bad that I have a lot of choices as far as food is concerned and here are children who are so happy to have food from the restaurant’s bin.

The students’ reflections were surely signs that social consciousness raising is not a hopeless effort.

Please follow this link as the video can't be embedded at hubpages:


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    • profile image

      wellwisher 5 years ago


      FOR ALL....

      FOR EVER....


      AND GO AHEAD..........

    • profile image

      anonumous 5 years ago

      my heart breaks

    • franciaonline profile image

      franciaonline 5 years ago from Philippines

      Hi Ray,

      Thanks for visiting my page. If you're asking me what thesis topics can be brought up by this hub, here are my raw thoughts:

      You can problematize Hunger and Children of Unemployed Parents; Nutrition of Children of Urban Poor Families,

      The Implication of Hunger on the Brain Development of Children from Families of Jobless Parents....So far, these are my thoughts.

    • profile image

      Ray 5 years ago

      what thesis topics can be brought up by this? i really need help.

    • franciaonline profile image

      franciaonline 5 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks for leaving a thought-provoking comment, Sam.

    • profile image

      sam 5 years ago I saw something that can change me as a person... I'm searching for the Recipe of Chicken ALA CARTE for our viand and I've seen one "CHICKEN A LA CARTE"and press it...I watched it knowing that its the video of how to make one then I seen something...something that can change my life...


    • franciaonline profile image

      franciaonline 6 years ago from Philippines

      Hi borge_009,

      Thanks for leaving a comment on this hub. Hunger is a painful reality in our country and we can certainly do our share in the task of social transformation.

    • borge_009 profile image

      borge_009 6 years ago from Philippines

      Hi francia. This is soo true. I have heard it many times before. Thanks for sharing.

    • franciaonline profile image

      franciaonline 7 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks for dropping by, John. Yes, many of us are blessed on different levels and saying "Thanks" for those blessings is about feeling the pain of parents who would have wanted the best for their children.

    • John Z profile image

      John Z 7 years ago from Midwest

      As a parent, I have always felt blessed. My children have been healthy and I have been fortunate enough to be able to provide for them. Now I know how blessed I really am, as I could never imagine the hell these parents go through daily watching their children smile and laugh as they eat others cast offs. The frustration and helplessness for these parents must be devastating. Thank you for the eye opener and a great Hub.

    • franciaonline profile image

      franciaonline 7 years ago from Philippines

      A recipe from France? LOL

      Yeah, you're right. It will require your time and attention.

      As always, thanks for dropping by.

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 7 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      I thought "a recipe?! from France?! WTF?!" LOL

      I'd watch it later, it requires time and attention. I don't want anything lost just because...

      You are one relevant hubber, my friend! :D

    • franciaonline profile image

      franciaonline 7 years ago from Philippines

    • franciaonline profile image

      franciaonline 7 years ago from Philippines

      fastfreta, this short film is in You Tube. Yes, people should have a chance to view this film.

      Here's the link:

    • fastfreta profile image

      Alfreta Sailor 7 years ago from Southern California

      This is almost unbelievable. I wish this movie could get out to the masses. Could someone try to put it on YouTube. This needs to be seen by the masses. Thank you for sharing it with hubpages. I rate this as a must read,and see. I'm going to bookmark this hub.

    • franciaonline profile image

      franciaonline 7 years ago from Philippines

      I'm touched by your comment, Jerilee Wei. I hope more people will watch this kind of movie to see how others live and from there move on to other levels of meaning in their lives.

    • Jerilee Wei profile image

      Jerilee Wei 7 years ago from United States

      Two thumbs up! I've seen similar slices of life played out in China and below our US borders. Anyone who doesn't watch the video is denying the realities that others face daily (even here in America).

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